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WPB Dawg Fan's Week 9 Power Rankings

WPB Dawg Fan

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Well, here we are for another week. The top 10 has stayed pretty steady since week 4 (as I said it would). In fact, my rankings have had only 4 teams drop out while ESPN has had over 10 in the same period. I guess FACTS are better than OPINIONS!!!


Anyway, without further ado....


Rank	Prev	Team			Rank	Record	
1	1	 Tennessee Titans	8.12	7-0	7-0 with the Packers coming into town rested off a bye week
2	5	 New York Giants	6.65	6-1	Dallas coming to town…without Romo this should be a dominating win!!!
3	6	 Washington Redskins	5.93	6-2	Home to Pittsburgh…who just lost to rival Giats…need this to keep up
4	7	 Carolina Panthers	5.74	6-2	Winners of 4 of last 5 games….and now a bye week
5	3	 Pittsburgh Steelers	5.41	5-2	Beat and battered and traveling to the Skins….could be 2 losses in a row
6	4	 Tampa Bay Buccaneers	4.75	5-3	KC should help TB bounce back nicely
7	2	 Buffalo Bills		4.63	5-2	Miami stunned them…now home vs Favre and the Jets???
8	10	 New England Patriots	4.63	5-2	They just seem to get by…and the Colts are coming off of MNF
9	8	 Arizona Cardinals	4.23	4-3	Rams have won 2 of last 3…and at home may surprise the Cardinals
10	14	 Dallas Cowboys		4.14	5-3	Cowboys are in for a whoopin' in NEW YORK CITY!!!
11	16	 Philadelphia Eagles	3.88	4-3	Seattle looks beatable and Phili is looking for 3 W's in a row
12	12	 Chicago Bears		3.56	4-3	Detroit coming to town…MERRY CHRISTMAS EARLY!
13	17	 Baltimore Ravens	3.35	4-3	On road to Cleveland…winner takes 2nd in AFC North
14	13	 Denver Broncos		3.29	4-3	Miami comes to town and Denver off a bye week…still, their D sucks
15	9	 Atlanta Falcons	3.14	4-3	Atlanta is 1-3 on the road…but Oakland is just bad
16	15	 Green Bay Packers	3.13	4-3	Rodgers may be healthy…but Tennessee has one helluva defense
17	11	 Jacksonville Jaguars	2.69	3-4	Bye ddin't help them vs Browns…but Cinci should be just what they need
18	22	 New Orleans Saints	2.68	4-4	Big win over the pond…now a bye week to get rested
19	21	 New York Jets		2.46	4-3	Almost lost to KC…now on the road to Buffalo…also losers last week
20	18	 Indianapolis Colts	2.39	3-4	Below .500 again…with NE next…can they rebound against Brady Jr.
21	25	 Miami Dolphins		2.28	3-4	The BEAT Buffalo…now Denver (with no defense) to get back to .500
22	24	 Cleveland Browns	2.26	3-4	3-1 in last 4 games…REVENGE is the word of the week!
23	20	 Minnesota Vikings	2.25	3-4	Vikings coming off the bye to Texans…this is going to be close either way
24	19	 San Diego Chargers	1.56	3-5	Chargers are on a bye…and will be hoping Broncos continue recent slide
25	26	 Houston Texans		1.11	3-4	They win vs bad competition…not many worse than Cinci!!!
26	23	 St. Louis Rams		1.03	2-5	Home to the Cardinals…a win gets them within 1 of division lead
27	30	 Seattle Seahawks	-0.26	2-5	No QB and Phili's pass rush equals OUCH!!!
28	27	 Oakland Raiders	-0.34	2-5	Russel vs Ryan…I take Ryan
29	28	 San Francisco 49ers	-0.38	2-6	Another week, another loss…oops, bye week.
30	29	 Kansas City Chiefs	-1.13	1-6	KC still sucks!!!  TB should roll them.
31	31	 Cincinnati Bengals	-2.28	0-8	Kitties are going down without a whimper…and Jags are hungry off of loss
32	32	 Detroit Lions		-2.70	0-7	Detroit on the road to Chicago…the other kitties lose too!!!


The biggest WINNER of the week was Philadelphia, moving up 5 slots.

The biggest LOSER of the week was a tie between Atlanta and Jacksonville, falling 6 slots.

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I know the power rankings don't mean anything, but the one thing I don't get is that jacksonville is 6 spots ahead of Cleveland with the same record... and we JUST BEAT THEM IN JACKSONVILLE... who makes these power rankings anyways???

Sorry, hadn't put in my formula for the newbies...

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WPB how hard would it be if you simulated week 9 and assume that we beat the ravens, can you generally predict where we would be ranked?


I would have to basically decide who would win EVERY game to make this work...as the quality points are directly affected by the records of the teams you have already beaten. So anything I did would be valid in only ONE scenario...and even that would be flawed unless I got the exact scores of every game right.

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Assume every other game ends in a tie 0-0 icon_e_biggrin.gif


Just adding the Browns victory and the Ravens loss would vault the Browns to 16th, so I would say it is safe to say we would be somewhere around that.

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