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Why you must keep up the grades

Mr. T

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Buckeyes Duron Carter and Keith Wells Transfer


News out yesterday and today shows how keeping your grades in order, having a college life, and playing Division 1 football isn’t cut out for everyone. Ohio State receiver Duron Carter transferred to Coffeyville Community College after becoming ineligible for the Rose Bowl last year, missing Spring Camp this year, and not being ready academically for the fall. He will not be able to return to OSU until the Winter. Defensive End Keith Wells has also left the program for unknown reasons, with the Columbus Dispatch speculating it is also for academic concerns.



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This is one of those instances where you go, "Wow, how dumb do you have to be..." While things have gotten better than the days of Dexter Manley getting out of college while still illiterate, schools bend over backwards to keep their players academically eligible (which isn't quite the same as getting them educated, but they're kind of similar). Most D-1 schools (and I would lay money that OSU has these) have a ton of facilities for athletes, from special tutors to academic compliance coordinators who rigorously keep track of players' studies. This isn't just in the revenue sports; I've gotten as many e-mails in the past from the athletic academic advisors for cross-country runners as I have for basketball players.


Long story short, a lot of kids have trouble making the academic transition to college, but given all the resources they're given, athletes have to really screw things up not the be academically eligible.



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