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Cleveland finally catches a break


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Posted by Mike Florio on July 15, 2010 1:30 PM ETThe Browns have had a rough time lately, pretty much since the day that Art Modell announced his intent to move the team to Baltimore. But they've gotten lucky today.


Despite their four-game winning streak to end the 2009 season, which put them at No. 7 in a draft with six elite players, the Browns won the weighted lottery to determine the order of the supplemental draft, a league source tells us.


So, in each round, the Browns have top priority.


By the way, through round ones and two, no one has been selected. Things should get interesting in or after round three, the earliest in which BYU running back Harvey Unga would be picked.


The full order appears . . . after the break.


<a href="http://" target="_blank"></a>1. Cleveland


2. St. Louis


3. Detroit


4. Tampa Bay


5. Kansas City


6. Oakland


7. Washington


8. Seattle


9. Buffalo


10. Jacksonville


11. Houston


12. Chicago


13. Miami


14. New York Giants


15. Denver


16. San Francisco


17. Tennessee


18. Pittsburgh


19. Atlanta


20. Carolina


21. San Diego


22. New England


23. Cincinnati


24. Baltimore


25. Minnesota


26. Indianapolis


27. New York Jets


28. Philadelphia


29. Arizona


30. Dallas


31. Green Bay


32. New Orleans

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