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Akron man arrested

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Akron man arrested after he breaks into his own home

By Beacon Journal staff


POSTED: 11:50 a.m. EDT, Jul 14, 2010


Akron police say a city man was arrested Tuesday after officers observed him attempting to force open the door of a home.


Authorities say when officers attempted to talk to Cash Money Moore, 36, of Bittaker Street, he refused to come out.


And when he finally emerged from the Bittaker Street home that turned out to be his own, police say he refused to comply with an order to ''get on the ground'' so he could be searched and questioned.


Police say two machetes were on the porch within Moore's reach and six guns were found inside of the home.


Moore faces charges of weapons under disability, receiving stolen property, obstructing official business and unlawful possession of a dangerous ordinance.

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