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A COUPLE having an affair were injured when they fell from a flat window during a secret sex session.


The cheating pair ended up naked on the pavement after plunging from the first floor flat in the German city of Lubeck.


Neighbours said the couple often met at the apartment for covert romps.


One said: "We didn't see them but we could hear them."


Cops said the pair were engrossed in their lovemaking on the windowsill when the woman toppled backwards out of the open window taking her partner with her.


But incredibly — despite being discovered naked together on the pavement — the woman insisted they were NOT making love and were just "messing around".


She said: "We weren't having sex, we were just mucking about. I don't remember anything about the fall at all."


Bizarrely the woman's husband suffered broken bones when he fell off a roof he was repairing in an unrelated incident.


The lovers were both left with broken bones and head and face injuries after the fall yesterday.


The man has been kept in hospital for observation.


Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/...l#ixzz0uW223GFn


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Beer laced with cheese helps sexual performance


Austria: Brewers have invented a beer laced with cheese to help amorous boozers perform after a night on the tiles. The brew promises a ‘positive and healthy’ response even after a skinful.


‘My wife can’t have any objection to me spending the night down the pub now,’ said one drinker in Bregenz.


One risk which could break the mood though might be the drinker's breath after a nice of cheesy booze.


So drinkers be weary to take a toothbrush out to the pub with them.


Link: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/836356-beer-l...ual-performance

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WINDSOR, Ont. — A man who put a condom on his dog's penis and tied it tight says he wasn't trying to torture his pet — he was trying to stop it from urinating in his apartment.


Anjalo Abeywickrema, 51, pleaded guilty in court on Monday to one count under the Criminal Code of causing unnecessary pain, injury or suffering to an animal.


"He's very sad. He never meant to hurt this dog," said Kevin Shannon, Abeywickrema's lawyer.


Local animal lovers were outraged in May when Abeywickrema's dog Tyson was discovered with a grotesquely withered penis.


At Monday's plea hearing, the court heard that the dog was less than two years old, and had been causing a mess at Abeywickrema's residence.


The local humane society's manager of field operations, Nancy McCabe, said that when she saw the dog, its exposed penis had become bloody and blackened — irreparably damaged.


The dog was euthanized for humanitarian reasons.


From: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/pleas+...l#ixzz0v69wh2a8


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