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More legendary drafts

We need Tom Tupa

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A league source tells us that the Washington Redskins have released defensive end Erasmus James.


James was traded by the Vikings to the Redskins in May 2008 for a conditional seventh-round draft pick, after the Vikings had waived him and then rescinded the move.


The former Wisconsin defender was one of Minnesota’s two first-round picks in 2005. The other? Receiver Troy Williamson.


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Guest Aloysius

Ha. And the rest of the draft wasn't much better:

  • Round 2: Marcus Johnson, OT, Ole Miss - Currently their backup LT


  • Round 3: Dustin Fox, CB, OSU - Cut by Minnesota; now a ST guy with Buffalo


  • Round 4: Ciatrick Fason, RB, Florida - Out of the league


  • Round 6: C.J. Mosley, DT, Missouri - Actually a good pick, but they traded him to NYJ for Brooks Bollinger. Mosley's a free agent this offseason, and I'm hoping the Browns bring him in; he's a decent rotational/depth guy.


  • Round 7: Adrian Ward, CB, UTEP - Don't think he made it out of training camp
That gives the Vikings a solid 0% hit rate for this draft.


Not a good thing, especially when you have two 1sts.

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