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Schottenheimer says he's more interested in front office


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Schottenheimer says he’s more interested in front office than returning as Browns head coach

Scott Petrak | The Chronicle-Telegram


BEREA — Marty Schottenheimer is intrigued by the possibility of teaming with Bill Cowher, perhaps in a front-office role, but doesn’t envision a Cleveland coaching return.

“I don’t see that as being likely at all,” Schottenheimer said Monday on his show on Sirius NFL Radio. “I really don’t.”

Schottenheimer, who coached the Browns from 1984-88, was named in an ESPN.com report Sunday as a candidate to be the next Browns coach. Romeo Crennel is expected to be fired after the season.

Schottenheimer said he hasn’t talked with anyone from the Browns, but the mention of his name created a stir in Cleveland, where Schottenheimer is remembered for leading four playoff teams in four full years as coach but falling short of the Super Bowl. A Schottenheimer-Cowher pairing could spark the fire in fans that’s been extinguished by a decade of losing.

Cowher is considered the first choice of Browns owner Randy Lerner to replace Crennel, and Schottenheimer was asked about the possibility of working in the front office while Cowher coaches.

“That would be very interesting for a couple of reasons,” he said. “Bill and I have remained very, very close friends throughout our NFL careers and it goes back to when he was a player and I was an assistant.

“I would be less than candid if I didn’t say that that is, at the very least, intriguing. But there are so many movable parts there it would be like a Rubik’s Cube.”

Cowher was a player for the Browns while Schottenheimer was an assistant. After he became head coach, he hired Cowher as an assistant, then Cowher followed him to Kansas City as defensive coordinator.

If the Browns aren’t able to get Cowher to leave his job as a studio analyst at CBS or lose a bidding war with the Lions or Cowboys, Schottenheimer, 65, could be the second choice to coach. He said last week he didn’t plan to return to coaching, but would consider it “with a team that has a good core of talent.”

“First of all, nobody has presented me with an overture and, secondly, I’ve kind of aligned myself and my life kind of where it is,” he said of the Browns. “I don’t ever say ‘never’ if I don’t have to, but I don’t see it as being likely.”

Schottenheimer went 44-27 with the Browns, then coached the Chiefs, Redskins and Chargers. He was fired by San Diego after going 14-2 in 2006, losing in the playoffs and feuding with general manager A.J. Smith.

Schottenheimer said he remains a “football junkie” but the biggest factor in taking a job is the people.

“That is the most important thing in the world to me,” he said. “My issues in San Diego were because of the people in the front office that I could not interact with.”

Schottenheimer said he wouldn’t need total control of the organization as a coach.

“I had complete control in Washington and it didn’t work out very well,” he said with a laugh. “As a head coach I think you have to have control at least of the 53-man roster.”

The Browns (4-9) have three games left and Lerner has said he’ll wait until after the season to make a decision on Crennel. That leaves three weeks for rumors to run wild and speculation to swirl.

“Rumors and stories, they’re going to be out there,” Crennel said. “When you lose, that’s what happens. I can’t be worried about that.”



Tight end Kellen Winslow (ankle) remained in a walking boot Monday. His ankle was still swollen, and he could wind up on injured reserve if progress isn’t seen soon.

• Running back Jerome Harrison (ribs) and linebacker Shantee Orr (knee) were scheduled for MRIs.

• Crennel said special teamer/receiver Joshua Cribbs will see a bigger role in the “Flash” package Monday night versus the Eagles.

• The players were given the day off Wednesday, in addition to their normal off-day today. “We need it, just to regroup,” linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said. “We need it, just to rest up our bodies a little bit and put things in perspective.”

Contact Scott Petrak at 329-7253 or spetrak@chroniclet.com.



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I see Cowher and Marty butting heads after a while. they both are good motivators as coaches unlike what we have now.


did you see the latest presser from clevelandbrowns.com with RAC?



RAC sounded like this -

um huh uh, well i told the guys they need to fight UM, Uh cause if you fight um uh you stand a better chance of having a um huh to win. um huh ugh i dont know how to win um huh? someone go um get me um those um donuts in the um by the um coffee pot um yeah.

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Good, because as a HC I don't want him. As a GM or President, I am extremely cautious considering the "mad dog in the meat market" comment. But if he can get Cowher to sign as HC, he can be our Obama.



He isn't the one who described Junkin that way...it was one of the scouts or asst GM.

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I am undecided about Marty as GM ... I'm interested though, it is an interesting thought. Might even be a better deal even without Cowher, as Marty I believe would be fiery and it would trickle definately through the coaching ranks.


What about Marty as GM and his son as HC? I haven't stayed familiar with what his son has been doing lately, but the kid has to have 20 years in now with the NFL.


Marty's puppet.

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