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CC is Bronx Bound


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This is the pot of Gold for CC, Kudos to Him


eff the yanks


Man, that relatively lower than expected Rodriguez deal seems to have perked the ears of several players and agents. The signings are starting to come sooner than anticipated.


Good for CC and absotively eff the Yankees.




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Glad to hear it. I wanted him to go to the NL, but at least he didn't go to the Red Sox.


Just heard Colin Cowherd's brilliant analysis on the deal. "Sabathia can't handle the big innings. His biggest year was 2007 with 241 innings, and then followed it up with 122." I guess he didn't notice that the 122 was with Cleveland, and he had another 130 with Milwaukee.


Hopefully Laporta and Brantley make us forget about him soon enough.

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If you're going to lose a player in FA due to money, at least the offer blew away the next offer by about $60 million. Can't blame CC going to NY for that kind of money.





From what I understand the Yanks offered and additional year and 20 more mill yesterday


That would be 7/160 60 mil more than the Brewers' offer of 100 mil


Ay Carumba

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