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Mangini gives players the day off today


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Cleveland Browns get surprise from Eric Mangini

Published: Tuesday, August 03, 2010, 9:09 AM Updated: Tuesday, August 03, 2010, 11:23 AM

Tony Grossi, The Plain Dealer


Mangini proved this morning he is more player-friendly in his second season, just as linebacker David Bowens said.


BEREA -- Browns coach Eric Mangini gave his players a pleasant surprise Tuesday morning. He canceled practice, just four days into training camp.


It's not a complete day off, however. Players were expected to be tied up in meetings with coaches.


Still, the early respite from physical activity on the field reflects a change in Mangini first tipped off by linebacker David Bowens on Monday.


Bowens, who played for Mangini two seasons with the Jets before rejoining him in Cleveland in 2009, had used the term "player-friendly" to describe Mangini in his second Browns season.


"You won't see a lot of groaning this training camp as opposed to last year," Bowens said. "He's kind of taken into consideration how players feel. We do have a lot of veterans on this team and he's giving us the best chance possible to compete."


Mangini responded, with a chuckle, "I think I'm player-friendly every year."




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Having a guy like Holmgren around who knows Mangini can coach and also is a fantastic resource for Eric has got to put the coach at ease. Let's face it, last year was a trainwreck in various levels right from the go point with Mangini. Some of it he didn't help his cause with and other things spiraled way the heck out of control. I'm thinking the guy is happy to have some sanity and to be able to concentrate on what he does best; coach.

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Actually i look at 'the day off' as a familiar omen that mangini could basically be going to give the starting jobs to the crusty old veterans without making them work for it, not a bad thing to take it easy and take days off if thats the case, but it does nothing for the rookies and second year guys who have to replace these old mediocre benchwarmers when they inevitably get injured, locked jobs would also account for everyone saying the browns looked like they were at 75% during camp..


I really hope we go young sooner rather than later and break out of the bad habit of mediocre or even bad experience over inexperience on the field even if the veteran has lost steps and skill level and will cause the team more problems in the end our coaches will always put crusty on the field, afterall its better that the experienced crusty get burned 5 times a game instead of the quicker rookie getting burned twice and going emo....


I know these old guys are suppose to just be place holders but its been my experience that we just flat keep old guys who are doing a bad job while letting rooks rot on the sideline or trading them off..the cleveland browns should be noted as a haven and desirable final nfl destination for has beens and never beens and never will be's..it already has the distinct privilege of being known as the team to join as a rookie if you want a short career as a 3rd string untrained backup behind a 34 yr old and a 40 yr old.....

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Hopefully this new "player friendly" Mangini will produce more "win-friendly" players.


If it doesn't Mr. Mangini will find himself "umemployment-friendly" pretty quickly. This team needs to have a sucessful season in terms of growth in wins and player development.


Also, i disagree with Gips and his assessment of leaning on the vets too much. Mangini has always blended the two from what i can tell. Still, a BUNCH of head coaches do take that tactic, so i understand the vibe.

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