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Your business is worth over $1 Billion...


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I've been thinking about this issue for a few days. The only cure for the Browns long term is modify their business model. Since 1999 the model has been flawed with the wrong hires from the front office down to the coaching staff. That's fact. Looking forward.


Who is the best GM in football?


Scott Pioli it's not even close.....give him whatever money he wants.


Who is the best coach in football?


Bill Belicheck but I know that he's not a possibility.


Who are the best candidates?


Bill Cowher


Steve Spagnuolo


Nick Saban (i'm kidding)


Josh McDaniels (maybe not now, but it's going to happen)


Jim Johnson


Andy Reid (think he's tired of those Philly slime bags?)


Jon Gruden


It's going to take the best of the best to make this team a consistent winner. Some of the talent is in place and some of it is not. Get the front office / coaching staff in place 1st.



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Some history on Pioli:



2/10 Seymour, Light, and 8 guys that were out of the league completely within a few years



4/6 Graham, Branch, Green, Givens, 2 total busts. Some great picks there.



4/9 good picks Warren, Wilson, Samuel, Koppen



2/8 Wilfork, Watson, 6 guys that arent on active rosters



5/7 Mankins, Hobbs, Kaczur, Sanders, Cassel, 2 guys that arent on active rosters. No HOFers, but some good picks



1/10 A kicker and 9 guys that will never start anywhere.



2/9 Meriweather, Brown



too soon to tell, but Mayo looks like a stud already.


20/59 = 34%


Some areas of concern to me are that I dont know if he can draft a QB on purpose, and he has failed miserably in trying to draft a RB.




Kevin O'Connell

Rohan Davey

Kliff Kingsbury

Matt Cassel

Tom Brady (He was ass. dir. this year)




Antoine Womack

Cedric Cobbs


Justin Hairston

JR Redmond (he was ass. dir. this year)


If someone else wants to take up his FA moves, by all means...

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