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Fantasy Football Follies Pre-season


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Hey, Everyone,


FYI I think Browns Board Team Four is still looking for teams. It has traditionally been acceptable to have teams in more than one league so sign up now if you haven't already even if you have a team in one of the other leagues.


For the last couple of years it's been my job to compile a synopsis of what's been going on in the various leagues so we can all enjoy the successes and failures of our various cyber pals and fellow Browns Fans. The league commissioners forward comments, quotes, standings and stats from their bailiwicks. I add my spin on the leagues where I have teams and we all have a bit of fun.


Drafts are approaching and I'd like to have y'all introduce your teams and let us know what your draft prep and draft strategy might be leading up to the critical dates. Check your leagues for scoring, the dates of your drafts and test out your connection to the draft room so you won't be left in the lurch on draft day.


One last thing ... As the end of the season approaches, we're always grousing about the fact that there isn't a way to declare an overall champion of ALL the leagues. So what I'm looking for is one of you stats geeks with a spreadsheet fetish to come up with a rotisserie style system for identifying an overall champ at the end of the season. Get busy now so we're not scrambling to figure it out in a couple of months.


Welcome aboard to all of you fantasy geeks, geekettes and lurkers! We await the opportunity to read about your fantasy genius!

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My teams are Greenville Mayhem in the Browns Board ONE League and Oreo's Team in Browns Board League TWO.


In my fantasy sports career I've won the Pro Football Pick 'em in '05, Fantasy Baseball in '07 and Fantasy Hockey in '09. I'm still looking for the elusive Fantasy Football Trophy and I'm hoping this will be my year.


Oreo is my cat and I've named one of the teams after her just so I can keep the two teams straight. Though it's quite possible that she's better at fantasy football than I am!


My strategy is supersecret and designed to win it all. :)

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Year Place Name League


2005 10 of 18 Lambdo's Air Show TheBrownsBoard

2006 8 of 18 Lambdo's Air Show thebrownsboard

2007 4 of 12 Lambdo's Air Show 3 TheBrownsBoard3

2008 10 of 12 Lambdo's Air Show 4 Browns Board 2

2009 2 of 12 Lambdo's Air Show 5 Browns Board 2 ( in a damn tie break!!)


I have a propensity for drafting injury prone ex stars that are usually 2 years past their prime. I also follow the homer strategy and will consistently draft too many browns regardless if they are reaches.


If the airshow is not on the podium this year, Im going to go all Jet Blue on my squad and open the emergency door and bail.


Draft strategy: let the other 11 fantasy donkeys in league 2 bumble their picks like it's a oakland raider draft board, and pick up the hearty scraps.


Can't wait for the season to start!


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Currently, Calfox KosarDawgs are in League One, and temporarily in league four, if someone wants to join that one.


If not, I'll be happy to drop out of league four.... @@


Calfox KosarDawgs enter each and every fantasy football draft and season with the highest integrity and honor.


1. We will NEVER draft any dirty, stinkin, cheatin, lyin, ugly stupid ratbirds. It is not done, ever.


2. We will NEVER draft any squeeler pukes, no matter what, no matter what the ratings are. We don't care, they stink

up our locker room, too, just like the (*&%^&% ratbirds.


3. We only draft a silly Bengals player out of necessity, depending on who is left on the board. We hope there are better values left.


4. We try to draft our CLEVELAND BROWNS early and often as common sense? possible, because this year, moreso than

other years, the Browns are going to light it up on the field, and we can't wait.


5. If all you other crazy people would cooperate, for once, the KosarDawgs would have a Cleveland Brown

at every position on our roster. Meaning, I can't wait to see who drafts Delhomme as their qb... @@


6. Flugels seems to be missing from this year's ff, I guess he got tired of my teams kicking his teams' butts. LOL

That's too bad, it was fun.


7. Any team that drafts Big Ugly Ben Attackherbooger is a lowclass fantasy football team, and the scourge of our league.


8. Any team that drafts squeelers or ratbirds is silly, and the KosarDawgs have more fun beating them.


9. If you are new, former owners will attest that these rules are never broken by the KosarDawgs, we are consistent. Honor and Integrity every year.


10. Also, if you are new, take heart - my first year, the KosarDawgs won the Most Awesome Virtual Trophy and were the CHAMPS.

Since then, the competition got wise and there's more teams. Oh, and I believe that my whining about

there not being a trophy to present to the winners, is WHY we have a Most Awesome Virtual Trophy today. We haven't won one in a good while

so... this year is our year. Be ready. Well, that is unless whoever it is that makes us draft toward the end of the line every year forgets to

put us at the bottom of the league draft order. I hate that. Out of 12, we tend to draft nine or later. Dammit. Just once, if we could draft in the top five....

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