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Muni lot opening time- WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE


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Hello. I am new to this board and don't want to come across as a spamer but I thought you guys might be interested in this. The city of Cleveland is changing the time the muni lot opens from 4:00am to 7:00am. We have started a petition to try to get the city to reconsider....I posted this on another fan site and here is that information:



Hello all!


When I heard that the muni lot was changing the opening time from 4:00am to 7:00am on game days for this upcoming season I was upset. I have never done anything like this before, but I went ahead and called and spoke to the commissioner in charge of this decision Leigh Stevens. He informed me that the Cleveland Browns are not behind this. Furthermore, he also said that if he heard enough negative feedback that he might reconsider his decision.


I ask everyone who has tailgated in the municipal parking lot please take a moment to sign this petition or phone Mr. Stevens himself and ask him respectively to reconsider his decision.


We can understand the price increase, but to increase the price and shorten our time in the lot is unacceptable.


The municipal parking lot is an experience like no other in the NFL. You might say to yourself “What’s the big deal, it’s only 3 hours”. The answer to that is simple: 7:00am could eventually turn into 8:00am, and then 9, 10, and eventually we will be like every other crappy tailgating city in the country and open 3 hours before kickoff.




After Art Modell stole our team from us, we fought for our names, colors, and history to remain here in Cleveland. We won that battle, and we can win this one too.


So please just take a moment of your time and at the very least sign this petition. If you have a chance, call the commissioner yourself and tell him that this is unacceptable.











Parking Facilities Liegh Stevens, Commissioner Phone: 216.664.2711




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i've heard the place is sold out by 8:00 AM. If that is true, then i would be pretty upset as a taxpayer. They should leave the opening time alone and charge enough so that the place fills by noon or so. Dawgpoundlar, just curious how much you think that would be per parking place?


There is no reason why they should penalize tailgaters that want to show up early. But, why aren't they charging enough? Sounds like Commissioner Leigh should be fired.

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