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By Greg Evensen, December 12, 2008




To understand how my country of birth could now be leading the list of nations (like England, Canada, Australia, old Rhodesia, South Africa, and New Zealand) whose legacy of personal freedom and individual firearm ownership is becoming but a distant historical footnote, is to understand how light is forever swallowed into a gal axial “black hole.”


The light of freedom has been extinguished by the rogue elements of a national conspiracy so deep and pervasive that it seems it has always been with us. In a way, it always has. The conspirators began their quest centuries ago in Europe as the enlightened ones or the “Illuminati.”


They were bankrolled by the Rothschild money dynasty and emerged as our present day “ruling families” including generations of Rockefellers, Kennedys, the Bush family, and lynchpin “wise men” like Kissinger, Scowcroft, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and the change-gang crew on Premier Obama’s cabinet secretary short list. The much anticipated Hussein change is simply “changing” one CFR regular appointee for another.


We are now looking forward with great anticipation for the Democratic Party, everything to everyone and positioned everywhere dream team, that will usher us into the latest incarnation of failure and socialistic blathering. This will insure generations of slavery for those “lucky” enough to keep their jobs so that the working class can continue to provide perpetual unearned entitlements to the “disadvantaged” morons, all of which is coming from Washington. The idiots who voted in this nightmare will say or do anything to turn on their patriotic hard working neighbors to get a bonus in their checks, especially if you own a firearm or have some stored food. The police state generals and their Gestapo agents will be more than happy to see to it that your efforts to remain free and provide honestly for your families will be a thing of the distant past. Make no mistake; this is your new United Socialist Amerika.


It is as if the Mafia (no insult intended) had nominated every cabinet level post available with its worst enforcers to “lead” us for the next four years. Considering that the mob had already captured the leadership on Capital Hill and at Treasury, the Pentagon, the FBI, within the IRS, the Federal Courts and of course our role model boys at the Federal Reserve Bank, what more could we hope for? Hillary at the State Department? Mr. Eric Hold-up as the “pro-second amendment” Attorney General? It just doesn’t get any worse. It is as though every child molester in the nation just got all available teaching and day care center jobs within three thousand miles of Washington. Are you feeling better yet?


I know you don’t want to hear this again, but many of us have been warning of this day for years. It has arrived just as we said it would and in just the configuration we described. All of our paranoia has been absolutely correct. All of the wild-eyed predictions have come true. So,……….now what?


Being prepared will save your life. Waiting and denying the truth will get you dead. Dead from someone’s desperate act or dead from not having what you needed when the lights went out. Either way you are dead.


The newly established North American Command of our armed forces had insured that the final days of old America were numbered. When the nation of our past finally slipped into oblivion, we barely noticed that as Jesse Jackson wept in Grant Park (either from the “vindication” he felt as a black man observing a newly elected Pope, or perhaps it was the sorrow he felt for having said those nasty things about the Anointed One into a live microphone). Now that the final plans for the implementation of Amerika’s new dynasty are being unveiled, the same ignorant dolts that created this mess through the “electoral” process, are defending their choice and ignoring the placement of howitzers aimed at the suburbs in our cities. Entire armories have been emptied in western states and the ordinance moved to underground storage sites in Arkansas and elsewhere. It is circulating (I am waiting for my copy of the “call-up”) that retired or inactive yet highly trained army personnel are being recalled and special forces units beefed up to several times their normal strength. They are now ready to keep Amerika safe from internal strife once the markets and banks complete their rape of the people. I have received numerous affirmations of these events, yet I cannot state emphatically or conclusively that I have the “evidence” in hand. I LIKE evidence, since it leaves little room for argument. Until then, I will refrain from suggesting it as fact, but I do not believe it will be long before that it is fully revealed.


Fortunately for us, as I have stated many times, I believe that significant numbers of police officers and troops will NOT obey clearly criminal and unconstitutional orders that require them to illegally enter your home, arrest you without cause, incarcerate you in inhumane conditions or summarily execute you. However, WHEN martial law comes, there will be many who ARE taken, and that is where you must be adequately prepared. That time is approaching and it is the new world order elite’s last chance to eradicate the final patriotic front in Americka.


Although criticism may come my way for again putting many on the spot, I am willing to accept that, if it will cause you to re-think your views. Please take the time, and make the investment to protect yourselves from the coming onslaught.



Have you assessed what a martial law situation would do to you and your family? Have you also considered what a “false flag” (pirates would run up a friendly or neutral flag to gain the trust of a vessel or shoreline community it was about to assault—thus flying a false flag) event perpetrated by home grown illegals or black ops details would do to your city, home, job and family? What would you do in the event of an actual nuclear attack by a rogue state? Can you escape the devastation? Where would you go? As I have asked many times, do you have the defensive firearms and supplies to withstand lawless gangs or body count captains checking identity papers door to door? I suspect many do not. After January 20, 2009, you may find the simple act of purchasing a firearm and ammunition VERY costly if it is possible at all.


The “grim” factor has gone up several points since the election. It is the inevitable result of merciless propaganda from the democrats and equally merciless stupidity by the republicans and it has gift wrapped the nation like a pathetic package of molded fruitcake. As corrupted scandal after scandal in the banking industry, the automobile sector, bankrupted state governments and the national debt now totaling well in excess of a very conservative fifty trillion dollars, the damage assessment is unthinkable. Meanwhile, Amerika is still waiting to see the indisputable, valid, actual, public, U.S., state birth certificate of its King Obama I.


Holiday gifts and parties will pretty much end this year, as in the years to follow, just providing food and keeping the lights on will prove to be more than many will be able to achieve. I believe unemployment will reach 15% by next fall. The North American Union will be looked at as inevitable and even desirable. We will all be reduced to second or third world status and savings, 401’s, IRA’s, state, local and private retirement plans, and social security will all be thrown into one giant pot split up by the government as it sees fit. Health care will be rationed and medications will go to those who must work to try and pay for all of this socialized CHANGE!! If you think I am just reaching for the most absurd possibilities, then hang around the good old USA. for another year.


We are witnessing the emergence of a regime so vile and destructive in Washington as to defy description. The social, political and economic agenda of this new illegitimate administration and its Creep Show cast will sow the seeds of insurrection in this nation without a doubt. The final act of the murder of our personal and national sovereignty is being achieved on a scale never seen before and at a pace that is truly breathtaking. The robbery of our wealth is on the level of a war crime. It should be treated as such and dealt with by an armed citizenry with a mission to avenge the death of all of our family’s earned wealth, land, and prosperity.


This may very well be your absolute last opportunity to prepare and face this situation with the tools to see you through some very difficult days. Only you can judge your level of preparedness for what is coming. Police officers sense its approach. Troops abhor the thought of patrolling Amerikan streets.


Employers are preparing pink slips by the hundreds. Strained city and state budgets are gearing up for legions of dispossessed and emotionally unstable people wandering their neighborhoods. Doctrinally lost churches are closing their doors when they are needed the most. Older generational households are strained to the breaking point to take in displaced adult children and their families. Banks are foreclosing, food stores will run short with bare shelves, and it was mostly all avoidable.




America burned under the weight of its own trash. Out of the ashes has come the mutated Phoenix Amerika. It now sweeps the skies as a predator and not the great honorable eagle of protection and moral strength our Founders dreamed about. Our national flag now represents the scars and stripes of its beleaguered enslaved masses. God help us.




For many, Christmas this year will carry a new and almost forgotten meaning. We are painfully reminded that in the end, the only thing that really matters is the memory of that tiny child born unto Mary so that we who have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, may seek His forgiveness, and have a perpetual place in his unending, unscarred Kingdom. Thank you, Lord, for sending your Son Jesus, to save us from this wicked, fallen world. We are rich indeed this December after all. In spite of the situation we find ourselves in, help one another, do the right things in the right way for the right reasons, and remember……….you can still make a positive difference that alone is worthy and honorable. Blended together with millions of others who believe in and will strive to achieve the same goal of the rebirth of a Godly America, is a gift unmatched except for the gift of God’s love…..Amen.



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