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PFW blurbs on the Browns

Guest Aloysius

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Guest Aloysius

PFW collected some interesting comments from anonymous scouts, coaches, and FO guys about Phil Savage, Randy Lerner, and RAC-n-ROLLS:


“Too many head coaches have no presence about them. If I’m hiring a head coach, I want someone with a presence. Some of these head coaches look like Kris Kringle on the sidelines. Just look at Wade Phillips. He looks like he should be on a Campbell’s Soup commercial walking around the sideline. You think DeMarcus Ware is going to respond to a guy like him getting in his grill?


“(Browns GM) Phil Savage is the same way. He’s such a warm, nice guy — almost to his detriment. He’s the polar opposite of (Chargers GM) A.J. Smith. (Savage is) the kind of guy that has probably never raised his voice. He wears his religion on his sleeve. He yaps about the gospel instead of just living it. Owners do not like that kind of stuff. Guys like Phil wind up winning because they are good-hearted, mean well and at the end of the day, there are a lot more positives than negatives. But he has had a rocky road getting to where he is today.”

“It would cost nearly $20 million for the Browns to buy out the contracts of Romeo Crennel, Phil Savage and (offensive coordinator) Rob Chudzinski, but the owner is on record as saying he does not care what it costs to build a winner. … When you are a billionaire, even in this economy, people don’t realize how small of a number millions is. It’s just a couple of zeroes. It’s nothing to a billionaire. Why (do) you think Crennel looks so smug? He doesn’t care if he gets fired. He’ll take his $8 million-$9 million and go off into the sun, go be a position coach somewhere and just enjoy coaching away from the spotlight.”
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One of my brothers is a religious freak and he hangs with Phil's brother a lot. They are constantly doing religious functions with Phil and many others associated with the Browns. So much so, that I've wondered how these guys hold day jobs.


Even though I've been invited more times than I can count, I've never rubbed elbows with the Savages' ... to tell you the truth they are scary religious people (my brother included) ... too cult like for me ... much to serious about converting others than walking the walk, IMO.

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Guest Aloysius
What if he tries to scout a Muslim or sign one?

We have both Muslim (Hamza Abdullah) and Jewish (Lennie Friedman) players on our team. And Savage did try to sign Chester Taylor, who (according to Next Man Up) was one of the few players in Baltimore who left the locker room when the team said the Lord's Prayer before the game. So it seems like winning takes priority over religion.


What most interested me is how the PFW blurb presented Savage as this stoic, soft-spoken guy. That may be true, but we've heard other accounts recently that made him out to be...well...an asshole. Throwing Romeo under the bus right before Thanksgiving seemed to be Exhibit A in that argument.


And there was this quote from a league inside over at PFT:


Frankly, if Savage ends up sticking around, we think his wings would need to be dramatically clipped; as one league insider opined of Savage, “His skin’s like an onion and he loves the microphone. It’s a recipe for disaster.”
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here's a list as according to wikipedia:



Football (American)

Joe Alexander, G, U.S. football player

Lyle Alzado, DE, U.S. football player

Harris Barton, OL, U.S. football player

Alex Bernstein, OL U.S. Football Player Baltimore Ravens, NY Jets, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons

Matt Bloom, Former NFL G, T San Diego Chargers

Jeremy Bloom, WR, PR Pittsburgh Steelers

Noah Cantor, DT, Toronto Argonauts, Canadian Football League

Eddie Cohen, WR, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Canadian Football League

Ben Davidson, DE, U.S. football player

Art Dorfman, OL, U.S. football player, Buffalo Bills

Hayden Epstein, K, Minnesota Vikings

Jay Fiedler, QB, U.S. football player, free agent

John Frank, TE, U.S. football player

Benny Friedman, QB, U.S. football player, Hall of Fame

Lennie Friedman, OL, Cleveland Browns

Antonio Garay, DT, U.S. football player, Chicago Bears

Adam Goldberg, OG, St. Louis Rams

Bill Goldberg, DT, U.S. football player

Marshall Goldberg, RB, U.S. football player

Charles Goldenberg, G & RB, U.S. football player

Randy Grossman, TE, U.S. football player, Pittsburgh Steelers

Dan Hadenfeldt - P, Patriots (inactive)

Sigmund Harris, QB, U.S. football player.

Andrew Kline - OL, Rams

Brian Kopka - K, Ravens

Sid Luckman, QB, U.S. football player, Hall of Fame

Sam McCullum, WR, U.S. football player

Justin McCullum, WR, U.S. football player

Josh Miller, P, New England Patriots

Ron Mix, OT, U.S. football player, Hall of Fame

Ed Newman, G, U.S. football player

Harry Newman, QB, U.S. football player

Igor Olshansky, DL, San Diego Chargers

Gus Ornstein - QB, Jets

Vitaly Pisetsky - K, Bears

Sage Rosenfels - QB, Houston Texans

Mike Rosenthal, T, Minnesota Vikings

Mike Seidman, TE, Indianapolis Colts

Allie Sherman, U.S. football player & coach, New York Giants

Scott Slutzker - TE, Jets

Josh Taves – DE, Panthers

Andre Tippett, LB, New England Patriots

Alan Veingrad, OL, U.S. football player

Darren Weltman, QB Canada Football Player Miami Dolphins, NY Jets, Pittsburg Steelers, Amsterdam Admirals


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never would have known andre tippett is jewish. he's about the best jewish athlete since koufax.


my mental reaction: the scene in ghostbusters where janine rings the bell and yells, "we got one!"


also, while lennie's name is extremely jewish, marv himself is an überjew. dude looks like he should be wearing plaid pants pulled up to his neck and wearing SPF infinity on a beach in miami.

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