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What are the Browns greatest defensive weaknesses?


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What do you see as the Browns three greatest defensive weaknesses? One thing I found very interesting is a post that Pitt's linebackers were actually smaller than the Browns backers. Without looking I really thought that we were simply undersized at that position. So, here are my three





For the most part this team gives up way too many yards after first contact, and sometimes we give up touchdowns. It has been that way for years


QB Pressure


We do not put pressure on the QB. I think it is a combination of scheme and personnel


Stopping the run


Part of this problem is made worse by poor tackling and some of it is simply lack of speed and toughness



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I think the Browns biggest weakness on defense is coaching. They can put pressure on the QB when they blitz people. Yes the tackling is poor, but all training camp they were playing without pads and giving the veterans days off.


Noted this is a slow team, especially at LB. They are out of position and reaching and trying to grab at a 220+ lb RB, just doesn't work. Watch the 3 or 4 men at the line and the LBs dropping into coverage at the snap, it is easy for the linemen to get to the next level to block a retreating LB. Only on short yardage situations do you see LBs filling gaps to stop the run.


We do have poor tackling and we don't put pressure on opposing QBs, but I think a lot of that is poor schemes. rogers isn't going to do everything. The LBs are suppose to be the strength of a 3-4 two gap defense. Ours are slow and usually out of position. Also a very important ingredient to a successful 3-4 two gap defense is a very strong, quick and athletic SS. Jones is too slow in reaction and has poor coverage skills. His knee problem hasn't helped but he is below average this year. He isn't even coming up and sticking people. then again, he is usually playing a two deep zone so he is ineffective.


The bottom line is that most of these guys know how to play football, it is up to the coaches to put them in position to be successful.


Watching the last half dozen games, you have seen a two or three deep zone prevent defense. Rushing 3 or sometimes 4 guys mostly and dropping slow LBs into coverage trying to keep the play in front of them. I know wimbley has been a dissappointment but, I saw him dropping into coverage most of last night. He isn't a LB, he's a DE.


Tucker under RACs guidance has been terrible.

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