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Heiden/Bell out for the season

We need Tom Tupa

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Interesting I said round 2. This is Chris Steuber, the Scout.com draft guy:


TE, Martin Rucker (Sr.)

Draft Projection: 2nd Round

Height: 6-6 | Weight: 255


A big, physical tight end, Rucker is a polished tight end who presents a mismatch for defenses. He's got great size, good speed, and is very athletic. He gets a good release off the line of scrimmage and runs good routes. He has strong, soft hands and makes tough catches in traffic. He has great eye/hand coordination and makes a majority of his receptions with his hands -- he doesn't catch the ball with his body. He doesn't have elite speed, but he's able to get vertical and make plays downfield. He has a solid burst off the line and is quick into his blocks. He's a good blocker, but has to work on his technique. Rucker is a solid tight end who will be a great offensive weapon at the next level. He's a great asset for an offense and a player a quarterback can rely on. He's a solid second-round pick for a team looking for an instant starter at tight end.




He only ran a 4.73 (hey, not much faster than my Sophomore son!), which is only average TE speed. But he plays faster.


It takes Heiden blowing out an ACL for us to even get a look at this guy. This is a guy who anybody with a brain that functions and eyes that work could see had game in preseason.


Honestly, RAC 'n ROLLS is venturing into Butchie Davis territory with me, and that's gun totin', whiskey drinkin', huntin' down my cheatin' wife's lover type shit.



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What really took me back was RACs press conference today when he was asked a question about Rucker getting playing time. RAC acted like "well I guess we will have to play him know, but we will take a look at our short list to see if there are any TEs out there to help us).


It was like saying screw this kid................................


I can't believe how much he hates to give playing time to rookies. He always says they aren't ready, the game is still too fast for them. What a bunch of shit. How is the game going to slow down if they are sitting on the bench. He plays Mcginest 75% of the snaps and Hall 25%. Hall showed great potential rushing the passer, but he is concerned about Hall's pass coverage skills.

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