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TK'S Tirade

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Hey all!

TK's Tirade returns at a special time tonight. Im gonna do the show from 7:30-9:00. There is plenty to get into tonight!


The Browns finally score a touchdown! But still get shelled 30-10 as the offense still has not scored a TD is 16 quarters...I'll have thoughts on this

Is it worth watching the last 2 games of the season?


There are rumors circulating that Wally Szerbiak and Anderson Varejao might be shipped to Miami for Shawn Marrion....fixing something thats not broke for the Cavs?


Speaking of the Cavs, a 20-4 start has them aimed at another possible finals appearance?


The Tribe signs Kerry Wood? Good move and can he stay healthy?


Buckeyes to play Coly McCoy and Texas in the Fiesta Bowl...another big loss on the horizon for Tress and the Bucks?


I have thoughts on CC and the Yankees and Cleveland State stunning # 11 Syracuse....


All that and more PLUS a complete and new Jackass Club update!


Join me live in the interactive chat tonight starting at 7:30 pm EST only on...




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