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Play Calling


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As much shit as Dabol has gotten here, I thought he called a pretty decent game in Pittsburgh with what he had to work with. The only thing that I could think of that I didn't care for was the abundance of Wilddawg plays. They were poorly executed by Cribbs and should have been shelved earlier and maybe he wouldn't have gotten hurt. That play Cribbs got hurt on was a butt ugly run by Cribbs, just stupid in the path he ran, plus add in carrying the ball in the palm of his hand and taking the inside path at contact. His injury was his fault.


I thought the mis-direction runs were good. I liked that we used an end-around to hold the DE. Screen passes were executed pretty well, and Colt launched a couple deep-intermediate passes that should help spread the field in future weeks when others watch game film on him. He will make the throw and has the arm.


We've bashed Dabol a lot on here and this week he improved.




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I didn't think the play calling was all that bad this week.


I was really surprised to see him actually have the fortitude to call the pass play on the first play of the game. That grabbed 8 quick yards and got the offense off to a good start.


I'd still like to see him lean less on Hillis. I'm hoping with Bell getting a full week of practice in he will be able to help with the load. I'd also like to see Davis out there for at least a few plays a game. We have so few homerun hitters (and none with cribbs and mo out of the game) that it would be nice to put a speed ball on the field. I think he would be a tough cover for a LB coming out of the backfield on check downs, and they could dial up a few screen passes for him. At the very least it would give Hillis a few plays off.


Every week that goes by the WR position becomes more and more of a glaring weakness. That in and of itself makes the play calling more and more vanilla than what you see from other teams. It seems the best recievers on the field are the TE's. (If I was the QB I'd be looking for Evan Moore as my go to guy)

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