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NFL.com selling pictures of Harrison and Meriweather hits


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LMAO check this out. What a bunch of hypocrits.


For Sale


Same shit happened just after Bottle-gate, you could buy postcards to send to your friends of the Ref's running into the tunnel with bottles raining down on them. The Browns Official site also used 'dog biscuits' as an icon representing fans on their message board ... the same item they were trying to dis-associate the fans from throwing at games.


When this site and myself were investigated just after bottlegate, you better believe I used both in my defense and pointed out the hyprocrisy. The dog biscuit icons, which had been representitive of fans for years on their site, were removed from the Browns official site the very next morning. As I'm sure these photo's will be as soon as this hits National exposure.


The NFL got JACKED-UP when trying to take on ole Atenears ... ($750 in attorney fees later).



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