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Westside Steve

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Try being married to a teacher, or being a teacher.


The hundreds of poltiical emails the last couple of months are sickening.


The NEA, Dems, OEA, and the liberal groups are nothing but garbage.


The Reps, not so much. It's a lot easier to be offensive about Dems...


it's usually true. GGG


I'll be glad when the election is over, and the good ship America gets put back on


it's course.

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Union members have no choice. Like teachers....


there needs to be conservative union alternatives. the NEA, and the OEA, etc...


are locked in to the Dem progressive lying sumbeeches permanently.


Like, Generation America is now a conservative org for seniors, the conservative alternative


to AARP, which is an older folk's version of ACORN or SEIU now.

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