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If the Playoffs started today Week 9

The Gipper

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If the playoffs started today, these are the teams that would be in:


AFC Division winners: Patriots with #1 seed, Ravens, Colts, Chiefs

Wild cards: Jets, Steelers


NFC Division winners: Giants with #1 seed, Packers, Falcons, Seahawks

Wild cards: Buccaneers, Saints

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As I said elsewhere, these are the only power rankings that mean a damn. Everything else just is to establish draft order. In that vein, here is where the current draft order would stand:


1. Buffalo Bills

2. tie between Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys

4. tie between SF 49ers and Denver Broncos

6. tie between Bengals, Browns, Vikings, Lions


These would be the first 9 in line right now. I am not sure how the tie breakers would line up at this point. Browns would be anywhere from 6-9.

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