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A Guarantee


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First post here, as you can guess from my name, I'm Longhorns fan now following the Browns.


I would like to make what I will call a guarantee, which of course you can consider just a bold prediction. It is simple. If Colt McCoy continues to start, the Browns will finish no worse than 8-8 this year, and will make the playoffs next year.


Why would you believe this guarantee? Because I've made it before, when the Titans were 0-5 in Vince Young's first season, right after he was named the starter. They finished 8-8, and made the playoffs the next year. Sadly the Titans board that existed at that time is now defunct, so I cannot prove my claim, you'll just have to take my word for it.


I don't intend to defend this guarantee (the Browns will do that for me) or argue about whether or not McCoy is the reason for the upcoming wins, nor will I consider it a failure if the Browns don't win this week. If they lose a 9th game (with McCoy continuing to start), I will come back and humbly admit my error. If they are at least 8-8 (again with McCoy starting), I will of course return to gloat.


I will now leave on a quest to find somewhere showing the Browns game in Austin.

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I suspect that your "guarantee" is made solely on the basis of the fact that you are a Texas and Colt McCoy fan.

While that is all well and good, that is not sufficient for us. We don't really care that Colt comes from Texas, per se. We care that he can get get the job done and be a winning QB for the Browns. He could be from Oklahoma, or Michigan for all we truly care.

Nevertheless, we hope your guarantee comes through.

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