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At 5-4, Heat know their bashers are rejoicing


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I haven't seen a game or even a highlight. Are they looking that bad?


I watched a little bit. Tons of turnovers, bickering, it's beautiful. Not just for us Cavs fans, but for basketball fans in general. These 3 selfish fooks are ruining basketball.


Watch, it could be the demise of the NBA. Owners don't want to pay, fans don't want to pay and players won't take less money.

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Watching Rudy Gay hit the winning shot over #6 was so sweet to see. They cant guard the PG or a big man right now. They will figure it out though. Mike Miller will be coming back late December and then Wade will run the point. Also, every morning I wake up I watch espn hoping it says Lebron tore his ACL/MCl/PCL in both knees dunking the ball. The Celtics are the team of the East right now and we are not even close. As for our team we have got so far to go, we honestly wont be contending with the team we have right now. 2,3, spots are not very good and our 4 and 5 are average. I expect a trade here in the next month bringing some pretty good talent to Cleveland.

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I love how the heat are still in the top 5 of ESPN's power rankings...how can a team playing this poorly be ranked so high?


Down to #10 and sinking fast after the Mavs beat them.


Courtesy of Terry Pluto from cleveland.com


Q: How do you feel about the Heat struggling?


A: Even more revealing, they were 1-6 against teams with winning records. According to ESPN stats, a certain former Cavalier has played at least 40 minutes in seven games, and the Heat are 0-7.


Q: Are you talking about Zydrunas Ilgauskas?


A: No, he's having a solid season, averaging 6.9 points and 5.3 rebounds while shooting 58 percent in 19 minutes a game. South Beach has been good to him.


Q: What about the former Cavalier who used to wear No. 23?


A: He can explain and spin all he wants, he looks grumpy on the court and unsure of how to fit with Dwyane Wade. That former Cavalier is averaging 23.5 points, shooting 45 percent with 5.3 rebounds a game. All of those numbers are either the worst of his career, or the lowest since his rookie season. Only his assists (8.3) are up.


Q: What is the problem?


A: There is a duplication of skills. Wade and the former Cavalier both like to dominate the ball. Neither are used to watching someone else do it. Nor can they like it when the other guy is The Man. It's one thing to drastically change your game for a few months on the Olympic team, it's another to do it for more than six months in the NBA.


Q: So this is a real problem?


A: You better believe it.


Q: Can they fix it?


A: I hope it takes them forever. This is not like Boston, where Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett joined Paul Pierce. All are approaching the end of their careers. All three have different styles. All three were so sick of losing, they were willing to not only be unselfish on offense, but adopt a fierce approach to defense.


Q: And the Heat?


A: It has to kill Pat Riley to watch it, but Miami is a very soft team.


Q: What should the former Cavalier and his teammates do?


A: Don't know. Don't care. But you can be sure that not only Cavs fans, but most of the NBA, hopes that team stays in storm for a long, long time.


Q: Do you think the former Cavalier wishes he were still a Cavalier?


A: Of course, but he'll never admit it.


My take, no real center, no bench, and no draft picks unless they buy one. That Voodoo curse seems to be working quite well......

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Who cares the NBA is gay. It's not worth my time to watch it.


And I am not saying that because our team sucks. I said this last year as well.


The NBA is not "gay", but I surely do not support it. I will watch the Cavs when they're on, but I refuse to buy any NBA merchandise or apparel. If it weren't for the NBA, 25% of the players would either be in gangs, jail, or dead. I'm not going to support a league full of thugs.

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But you support the NFL?


Yes. The NBA is bullshit. Hardly any suspensions, the players in the league are all thugs, and the amount of special treatment is unbelievable. Literally every single time LBJ steps in the paint, a foul is called. I'm not just saying that because I like the Cavs. Same goes for Kobe, Carmelo, and Wade. The league is desperate enough to practically change the rules so the superstars can score as many points as possible.


It takes more wit to play football than basketball.

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