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Browns off-season


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Hello Browns fans!


It takes a long time for me to predict what could happen for the Browns after the last game next week. I think the first step is that Mr. Lerner is firing R.Crennel. He´s a great defensive coordinator but not a great Head Coach. I think that he will find some other places where he can be a good defensive coordinator(Cowboys,Saints,or a other team) again.

Then I would say that R.Lerner decided to give Phil Savage a second chance. The choices for Head Coach would be M.Schottenheimer, J.Schwartz(Titans defensive coordinator) and a guy that Savage god know in Rex Ryan (Ravens D.C).

After M.Schottenheimer let the Browns know that he would not come back for a second stint to coach the Browns he will stay with the Browns as a consultant. Phil Savage decided to go with Rex Ryan as the Browns next Head Coach.



GM: P.Savage

Consultant: M.Schottenheimer


Then the Browns 2009 coaching staff could look like this:


HC: Rex Ryan (Ravens Defensive Coordinator)

OC: Brian Schottenheimer (Jets offensice Coordinator) Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinato Browns 2009

DC: Mark Carrier (Ravens secondary coach)




What´s your choice for head coach?


Let me know!


Best wishes to you all!






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Fingers have finally thawed enough to type....


I Don't care who they name as head coach until they tell me PS is also gone or at the very least, what power the new coach has. Savage still pulling the strings, same results next year and the year after regardless of the coach.


We need a leader. Lerner is not a leader, he's a checkbook. Savage is a business management guru, not a football guy. Romeo is... well, I'm not sure, but it's not head coach.


And me... I'm a few thousand dollars richer because at this point I'm watching from the couch next year. I cant bitch about this organization if I keep supporting them with money.

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If RAC is the coach next year I won't be on here posting hardly ever no use rehashing next year what we already said this year. Unless RAC pulls a miracle and wins next year. BUT THAT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

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