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Season not over, yet.



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  1. 1. What are you watching for on Sundays?

    • Peyton Hillis
    • Colt McCoy
    • Knocking Pit/Balt out of playoff contention
    • Defense
    • Will Josh Cribbs ever return another kickoff/punt for a TD?
    • Mangini/Daboll/Ryan
    • Win out and Playoffs

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This season is far from over. I was just thinking of a couple of things I'm still looking forward to on Sundays even though losing this game today more than likely knocks us out of playoff contention.


We can watch the development of our young QB. McCoy has come into this league and blown my freaking mind. I went to Berea many times during training camp and saw how bad he looked. He was inaccurate, timid in the way he played, looked undersized (probably because he is short), and I just got that "Brady Quinn" feeling with him. I did not think he would become a solid starter in this league. As you all know in his first start in Pittsburgh he did as well as any rookie QB could have given the circumstances. Then watching Colt manage the game against New Orleans I was even more impressed. Same goes for the New England victory. Then against another playoff contender he continued to amaze. I have not seen a game tying drive like that in a long time here in Cleveland. I can't believe how Colt has stepped in and acted as if it was HIS job. I finally can put my confidence behind a young Browns QB and that is why Colt is my pick.


Also, I cannot wait to play Baltimore and Pittsburgh the last two weeks of the season. I hate both of them and I would just LOVE to knock Pittsburgh out of playoff contention for a second year in a row. Dear trolls, your words don't sting anymore.. so respectfully, xxxx off. Go troll the Bengals.


Hillis is a beast. Period. I cannot believe Denver got rid of him. Sucks to be a Broncos fan right about now. I'm so pumped to watch this bruiser knock the daylights out of opposing defenses.




So what is everyone else looking forward to for the rest of the 2010 season?

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I have always watched the browns just to watch them, win or lose.. suck or rock they are my team!

However now i am actually fully enjoying the games again almost as if we were contending for the playoffs or something!

And i actually have growing confidence in this regime and their vision of tomorrows browns!

I voted for all..but i like most watch and love this team for many more reasons! ;)

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