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Maybe RAC is not that stupid


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Could the Browns be this awful on purpose? Does Romeo have a point to prove? Maybe this is his way of saying FU to savage. You know, a good old fashioned i told you so.


RAC has less control than we all thought. He is being told who to play and he is giving us just that. 171 yards to cedric benson, and he has a job still? He either has naked pictures of phil faggin out or lerner with hookers. I'm disapointed.

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There has been talent added to a team that went 10-6 last year and had a awesome offense. A team with 6 pro bowlers. We have had injuries and played a tougher schedule. But to end up disfunctional, that says the coaching sucks. Tucker was RACs pick and Phil let hem have Tucker as his DC. Chud was Savages pick. RAC can't control player egos. Savage hides from the operational problems.


I still believe there is enough talent here for a good coach to win with. This is not a championship team, but there is talent here. Very poor schemes on both offense and defense. Players are not put in a position to excell. Too many guys underachieving. Savage did not move to replace key injuries leaving holes to start the season. A few months ago I would have said keep Phil and dump RAC. Now it's time to clean house.


So.......................................BLOW IT UP


Get rid of the whole crew. The FO and coaching staff don't project an image of a winner. Doesn't matter how much talent you have if you can't coach it. Organizations need to exude a winning confidence. The Browns don't.


Time for a complete attitude change.

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