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Crenell is completely delusional


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Haha.. that is funny, but think about it for a second.. OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO SAY THAT... he's not going to say I completely suck at my job and deserve to be fired. He's long gone.. wouldn't worry about that.


If it were anyone but randy lerner that owned the club i wouldnt worry about it but since it is we have to wonder if..(1) he will fire crennel...and (2) if he does fire crennel who will replace him.. so we seriously have a lot to worry/wonder about...not counting savage and the front office fiasco..


This should have been handled in the bye week..

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RAC is going to be gone. RAC should be gone, but along with alot of players.


Do you guys want players who give up on your team? I know I don't.


I don't care what your coach scheme is, good players, wait wait... PROFESSIONAL players shouldn't need a foot up their ass all game long to play. What ever happened to just playing your hardest. I forgot these over paid barbies we put in Browns uniforms don't like to try for everything, they just want everything handed to them with nice big contracts...



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