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Rating the Franchises - Best and Worst

Guest Ghoolie

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The Bengals have been to 2 superbowls, they are far from the worst.


Bengals far from worst? They deserve to be rated right down there with the Lions. "Commitment to mediocrity" should be their motto. The Bengals two Super Bowl appearances are proof blind squirrels do occasionally find nuts. They're also proof it's better to be lucky than good.


Mike Brown doesn't have a F**king clue my friend. At least Lerner tries to hire competent people, Mickey B has his whole inbred family running the front office, and it's never going to change. Lerner spends money, Brown doesn't.


That list is nothing more than a beauty contest. It would have been a tad different last year when the Browns went 10-6, and the Falcons sucked swamp water. The Colts would have rated as one of the worst ever in 1998, the year they drafted Peyton Manning.

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