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McShay's Top 32

Guest Aloysius

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Guest Aloysius

In the Top 32 that Shep linked to in late November, Beanie (#15) was ranked in between Curry (#9) and Maualuga/Laurinatis (#'s 16 and 23, respectively).


For some reason, Beanie has dropped below the rest in McShay's latest rankings: Curry is ranked #3, Maualuga #11, Laurinaitis #20, and Beanie Wells #22.


I wonder what the reason is (if there is one) for Beanie's seven spot drop.

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Guest Aloysius
Good question. He also has Moreno above Wells now! That's quite a turn of events in a very short time.

Great point - I missed that Moreno was ranked higher.


My problem with Wells is that I don't feel strongly about him either way. While Curry sends a Matthews-esque thrill up my leg & Maualuga scares the hell out of me, Wells just seems like another good back. I'm not sure he's much better than the guys that will be available in Round 2, but I don't think he's a huge bust threat either.


As of now, Beanie wouldn't be in my top 5 options for our 1st pick. But if we take him, I'll just sigh & hope we get a stud LB in the 2nd Round.

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For Wells, it is all about his health. When a RB has foot/leg problems in both of his seasons where he was the #1 back on the team, then there has to be some pull back.


His play in the bowl game and his combine and pro days will help him climb back up the board, but there will be that question, as there was with Peterson. He won't fall out of the 1st round and someone will get a stud or an injury prone RB.


That's why they call the draft a crap shoot.

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You can get a servicable RB much easier than you can a good LB. The Browns need to draft Defense. Pick up a RB in the later rounds if you need one and use the FA market to get your RB and WR depth.


You draft great defense or trade for it. Rarley do you sign it in the FA market. RBs, can be a dime a dozen. Allot of it has more to do with the OL than the RB. Give Harrison more carries next year and JL less and they both might be more productive. Sign a FA RB if you are worried. Use this draft for Defense.

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You can get a servicable RB much easier than you can a good LB.


I thought so too, until I looked at the data. Looking at draft positions of top 20 rushers and tacklers at LB, I see no difference at all.


Here are the top 20 NFL rushers thru week 16, and their draft positions.


1 Adrian Peterson MIN Round 1, Pick 7

2 Michael Turner ATL Round 5, Pick 154

3 Clinton Portis WAS Round 2, Pick 51

4 DeAngelo Williams CAR Round 1, Pick 27

5 Thomas Jones NYJ Round 1, Pick 7

6 Chris Johnson TEN Round 1, Pick 24

7 Steve Slaton HOU Round 3, Pick 89

8 Matt Forte CHI RB Round 2, Pick 44

9 Ryan Grant GB UDFA

10 Brandon Jacobs NYG Round 4, Pick 110

11 Marshawn Lynch BUF Round 1, Pick 12

12 LaDainian Tomlinson SD Round 1, Pick 5

13 Frank Gore SF Round 3, Pick 65

14 Derrick Ward NYG Round 7, Pick 235

15 Jamal Lewis CLE Round 1, Pick 5

16 Brian Westbrook PHI Round 3, Pick 91

17 Kevin Smith DET Round 3, Pick 64

18 Steven Jackson STL Round 1, Pick 24

19 Marion Barber DAL Round 4, Pick 109

20 Ronnie Brown MIA Round 1, Pick 2


9 1st-rounders, 2 2nd-rounders, 4 3rd-rounders, 2 4th, 1 5th, 1 7th, and 1 UDFA.


Here are the top 20 NFL leading tacklers at the LB position (I eliminated the safeties) thru week 16, and their draft positions.


1 D'Qwell Jackson CLE Round 2, Pick 34

2 Jon Beason CAR Round 1, Pick 25

3 Patrick Willis SF Round 1, Pick 11

4 Barrett Ruud TB Round 2, Pick 36

5 James Farrior PIT Round 1, Pick 8

6 London Fletcher WAS UDFA

7 Kirk Morrison OAK Round 3, Pick 78

9 Jerod Mayo NE Round 1, Pick 10

10 Jonathan Vilma NO Round 1, Pick 12

12 Karlos Dansby ARI Round 2, Pick 33

12 Paris Lenon DET UDFA

15 Bradie James DAL Round 4, Pick 103

15 Ray Lewis BAL Round 1, Pick 26

17 Eric Barton NYJ Round 5, Pick 146

17 Chad Greenway MIN Round 1, Pick 17

17 Dhani Jones CIN Round 6, Pick 177

20 Thomas Davis CAR Round 1, Pick 14

21 Stewart Bradley PHI Round 3, Pick 87

21 Ernie Sims DET Round 1, Pick 9

23 Lance Briggs CHI Round 3, Pick 68


9 1st-rounders, 3 2nd-rounders, 3 3rd-rounders, 1 4th, 1 5th, 1 6th, and 2 UDFA's.


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Yeah, I recently heard McShay say that Beanie has all the talent in the world, but questions his physical toughness and desire. He said that Moreno isn't quite as talented, but is more physical and loves the game of football. Kiper has Beanie ranked as the #1 RB.


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