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Turkey Jones' Greatest Sack !

Mr. T

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That would not redeems smith.. every defensive player in the league has got to plant Roethlesberg this year.(to my great delight).. How about he play some good football in general... that would be a start.. Come'on man.. he was a Bengles backup..what did you expect!

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And the Best part.... is how after a short trip to get Checked out Terry Bradshaw returned and Whipped your Tails anyway !!! Party On Cleveland !



and as you were saying......


this is how it happened........


Terry Bradshaw incident

In 1976 Jones was back in the starting lineup when Pittsburgh rolled into Cleveland for a game with their biggest rivals, the Browns. Although Hal Lebovitz called it Joe's best game at the end of the 3rd quarter, Jones would really make his mark in the 4th. Jones lined up for a play, beat the OL (Larry Brown) and wrapped his arms around quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Whistles blew, but Jones claims that he never heard them. Jones lifted Bradshaw up high, and slammed the Pittsburgh QB on his head. As Bradshaw laid there motionless on the ground, the officials marched off a 15 yard penalty for roughing. Bradshaw ended up with a concussion, the Browns ended up with an 18-16 win, and Jones ended up with a $3,000 fine. However, it also immortalized "Turkey" in Cleveland sports history.


your just a dumb fag steelers fan that dosn't know shit!

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