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Humanitarian Bowl (N. Ill vs Fresno St.)


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Scouting the Humanitarian Bowl: Northern Illinois vs Fresno State




Northern Illinois

Rnd Name Pos Num Yr Comments

FA Chad Spann RB 28 4Sr Versatile ball handler that produces in a variety of ways. Could find a home as a third down back if he adds the element of return specialist.

FA Landon Cox WR 80 5Sr Nice sized possession receiver that plays a strong game.

FA Trevor Olson T 62 4Sr Nice sized tackle prospect with a good upside.

FA Chandler Harnish QB 12 4Jr Underrated quarterback that makes terrific decisions in the pocket and effectively leads the offense.

FA Chris Smith CB 5 5Sr Athletic cornerback that flashes skill. Practice squad prospect.


Fresno State

Rnd Name Pos Num Yr Comments

4th Chris Carter OLB 43 4Sr Terrific college pass rusher who projects to outside linebacker in the NFL.

FA Ryan Colburn QB 15 5Sr Underrated passer that’s very accurate and smart.

FA Andrew Jackson G 69 5Sr Potential position blocker.

FA Devan Cunningham G 79 4Sr Large rumbling blocker only good in a small area.

FA Christopher Lewis DE 93 5Sr Lines up at defensive tackle for FSU. Undersized but explosive and plays with good pad level.

FA Ben Jacobs ILB 54 5Sr Tough, nasty, run defending linebacker that struggles against the pass.

FA Kenny Wiggins T 60 5Sr Marginally athletic small area blocker.

FA Devon Wylie WR 7 4Sr

FA Cornell Banks DT 50 5Sr

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