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Good for you Shepard


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Yeah, that was impressive. Especially the very real, "Wow, I can't do this anymore" part.



Tere wasn't an "I can't do this" but I do think the grilling was proper.


That said I think Joe overspoke as will happen.

If your words are not precise you risk this kind of thing.

(see "only bomb innocent civilians")

And thatJoe doesn't speak as deftly as he might.


There are better ways to explain what he said which I think was only somewhat improper.


How about "Well Shepard, the senator has repeated a lot of things on his quest to become president that have turned up to be untrue."


"Given his support from Israels sworn enemies why couln't that "pledge" just be another disposable campaing promise?"


Not all Obama supporters are Israels enemies but all of Israels enemies support Obama.



BTW the "regular guy" as campign spokesperson is a double edged sword.



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