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Why not break with convention?

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Interesting. I have read about how statistically punting makes no sense before....but I had never heard of it actually being put into a game plan before...


HS Team Never Punts


I have often wondered about the punting game...and a few other things we take for granted in football.


As for punting...why does everyone do the "kick the ball high" routine? It allows the receiving team to scope out where everyone is coming from and set up a return. What about kicking the ball more on a line...and low...towards one of the sidelines. Not a pooch...but a hard, direct, low kick that will hit the ground about 30 yards out and then bounce all over the place (or out of bounds). It would make handling the punt far more difficult (if you can even get to it). The PUNTING team would be the only one that knows which way the kicker was going to send it....and because the returner has to pay closer attention to the bounces the ball is taking, he can't take a peek to see where the gunners are.


Kickoffs. Again, why almost always the high, long kick. Seems to me teams get very few additional yards when an up-man gets the ball...and they almost NEVER break it for any big returns. Why not do an intermediate distance squib type kick or even a pop-up kick to about the 20 yd line. In the pop-up...the defenders will get there about the same time and prevent a return...and the squib...if kicked helicopter style...will be difficult to catch and limit returns.


Going to the now named "flash" or "WildDawg" offense. How about lining the RB up under center...with the QB in the RB position. In our case...it could be Cribbs under center giving us 2 legit QB's in the backfield. With this, Cribbs can run the ball, pass the ball, hand of the ball on a sweep, or pitch it to the QB who can then pass the ball or hand it off on a sweep.


Anyway...this HS offense got me thinking. Any other inventive ideas out there???

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I've read some interesting things before about going for it more on fourth down and the percentages were quite good. All you need to do is look at how Retarded RAC 'n ROLLS has been punting at the 35 since he's been here, sometimes with less than 5 yards to go even.


Absolutely moronic unless you're in some sort of defensive slugfest where field position is at its premium.


These old, traditional coaches are just plain set in their ways and refuse to look at anything proactive. Punting the ball into the endzone from the 35 for a net gain of 15 yards (of which the offense routinely gets within two plays from scrimmage) when points and TD's are hard to come by is clueless and stupid, and that is RAC big time.


I disagree with the kickoff stuff, kick it as far as you can. Pooch kicks and worm burners almost always set a team up at the 35 or better, and getting cute by angling can lead to kicking out of bounds and starting at the 40.


Punting is much more complicated than described above, they need to be able to crank the ball. The above article makes it sound like they're kicking from a tee or something.

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