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Today is the DAY!


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After today our record can't get worse.


No more QB injuries(on the feild)


No more terrible coaching mistakes.


No more blown coverages etc, etc.


I look for a far better attitude from the players, coaches, front office and forumites.




The browns will reach rock bottom Today. Our new season begins when the final play has been whistled dead.

Let the cleaning begin. On paper it won't look that bad but in reality what we need to accomplish will have little to do with the players

and far more the structure and approach our organization will take in solidifying a franchise with no leader.


Look for a leader to emerge as the face of the Browns. This is a role that needs to be filled at a much higher level than the playing feild.


The Players, Coaches and Front Office needs to renew their pride and stand up and proclaim their commitment to one of the proudest teams to ever play the game.







(that all for now, i'm trying to be positive)

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