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Bill Parcells leaving Miami for Cleveland


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Let the rumors begin


Bill Parcells can opt out at the end of this year and if Pioli does not come to Cleveland, he could be a candidate.




Tuna fishing? Parcells has opt-out clause



ESPN.com news services


Will Bill Parcells become a free agent -- again?


It's a possibility, hinging on whether Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga's sale of his majority ownership of the team goes through, sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.


When Parcells joined the Dolphins as executive vice president of football operations last year, his deal included a one-time out clause that allowed him to walk away, with the rest of his $12 million guaranteed contract fully paid, no strings attached, if Huizenga sold the team.


Earlier this year, Huizenga agreed to sell 95 percent of the Dolphins to New York developer Stephen Ross. Huizenga hopes to close on the deal by early January to ensure that the capital gains taxes on the sale remain at 15 percent before President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office in January, Mortensen reported.


Parcells' contract specifically states only Huizenga can be in authority over him. Once Ross officially becomes majority owner, Parcells has to notify Ross within 30 days that he intends to exercise his walk-away clause and collect the full balance of $9 million, Mortensen reported.


At that time, Parcells would be a free agent. And any team that wants his services would not owe compensation to the Dolphins, according to the report.


Among the teams sources say are on Parcells' radar are the New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders. However, if Parcells' son-in-law, New England Patriots vice president Scott Pioli, is interested in any of those jobs, Parcells is unlikely to wind up with that team, Mortensen reported.


Parcells could negotiate with Ross to extend his opt-out clause by one year. But as presently written, the clause doesn't extend after one season, according to the report.


ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen contributed to this report.


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Why would Parcells leave Miami for any job with the Browns?


He had nothing to prove, he is in a great location for his horse raising and horse racing interests, and, sorry to say, Miami is a nicer place to live than Cleveland.


Parcells got a good thing going in Miami - 1 win this year and in contention to win the divisional title today.


Do you believe he hates that situation?


Why would he leave it for the mess in Cleveland?



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Lerner has done EVERYTHING right.


EVERYBODY wanted Savage. EVERYBODY wanted Crennel (except me, I think).


Lerner has shown a willingness to spend money on coaches, facilities, and free agents. He is NOT part of the problem.


Crennel and his staff own that.



You like the guy, for some reason, Shep so you say something outrageous like you just did.





You?? Members of this message board?? Tony Grossi? Triv??






Lucky his daddy was rich because Randy will never amount to anything if he continues to make moves based on the advice of 'Everybody and his brother'.


Randy Lerner = David Modell.



Sell Randy. Give this once-great franchise a chance.

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