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The 12th Man


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The Seattle Seahawks home crowd is called the "12th Man" on their football team and now we have seismic proof of their deafening roar.


King 5 News in Seattle, the local NBC affiliate posted an item on its Facebook page that is positively astounding. It's almost hard to believe except it comes from some reputable sources and hasn't been denied in the hours after its posting.


A seismic chart for the time period prior to, during and after the Marshawn Lynch stunning 67 yard touchdown run, measured the ground movement in and and around QWest Field. Although it was barely noticeable, it registered as a slight earthquake. You can see it posted to the right of this article. Here's what King 5 had to say:


"The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network captured this reading from a sensor near where the Kingdome once was. It registered about the same time that Marshawn Lynch made that spectacular touchdown run. Can you say Beast Mode?"


The Kingdome was demolished and QWest Field was built on top of the site, according to the Seahawks team page. All of the concrete from the Kingdome was processed and recycled, and half of it was built into Seahawks Stadium (renamed Qwest Field in June 2004).


It's not like the stadium is guilt on landfill or a foundation that is prone to rock and rolling when the earth moves under it. So the Lynch touchdown, that many are calling the best run ever in an NFL playoff game, truly is a historic event.


Lynch's touchdown made the score 41-30 with about four minutes left in the game. The New Orleans Saints scored a touchdown, couldn't make a two-point conversion and that was all she wrote with a final score of 41-36.



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