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Browns/NFL trivia question - Back to Back Shutouts


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I could probably try to research this, but you guys are all smart NFL fans so maybe you'll know. When was the last time an NFL team was shut out for two weeks in a row? I know it doesn't happen that often. Usually the offense gets close enough to at least try a field goal, or the defense/special teams helps out with a score of their own.


Even the Lions who didn't win a game all year at least put up at least 7 points per week.


Also, it seems like we are giving up an interception for a touchdown every single week. How many weeks in a row has the offense allowed defensive touchdown via interception or fumble? It's not important, but it's become extremely predictable.

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This doesn't answer your question, but I can remember the Browns winning by shutout two weeks in a row back in 1983. 20-0 over Tampa Bay and 30-0 over New England.


Damn, I miss those days. That wasn't even a particularly good Browns team. Only 9-7 that year. Coach Sam and Brian Sipe's last year in C-Town.


Can we get Coach Sam to come back?



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