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Mangini and Marinelli both Fired


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Guest Aloysius

Brian Schottenheimer now would be available to become our offensive coordinator.


Not sure I get the appeal, though. His offense has ranked 25th, 26th, and 16th the past three years.


And you have to wonder whether he should have done more to prevent Favre's collapse down the stretch (2 TD's, 9 INT's in the last five games).

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That makes New York a big-time big-money player for the Cowhers and Pioli's out there. Changes the landscape.


Wouldn't be surprised to see Mangini land on his feet quickly.




Pioli isnt going to New York Tenanbaum is well respected there and his job is not in danger. On the other hand Cowher is definitely someone New York would target and a place Cowher would seriously consider going, so as he doesn't tarnish himself by becoming the HC of the Browns in the eyes of his family, friends and the Stooler nation.


The Jets run a 3-4 system and have many pieces in place to be a winner. Sounds to me like If Cowher decides to coach in the NFL next year it will be in New York.


On to Mangini, It would be a no brainer to hire him as a DC, we already run the same type of 3-4 system he is acquired to and I think Mangini is a heck of a defensive mind. In fact I will go one step further and say him getting the axe is a total shock to me! We all know why the Jets didnt make the playoffs and it has nothing to do with Mangini and everything to do with Brett Favre.




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