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Fountain Lady

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She should also sue her cellphone maker! Why wasn't the damn thing equipped with a hazard/water/wall indicator that would set off a siren and announce to her that she was approaching water & to open her damned eyes. Then the Mall should sue her & her makeup & perfume makers for polluting the fountain water that unattended kids drink. :rolleyes:

I can't believe she is stupid enough to allow a TV interview....talk about advertising stupidity!


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Not only that, but she WORKED AT THE MALL !!!!!


Nobody told her there was a fountain where she worked.


Yep, she walked over it on purpose, I think, so she could win a


frivolous, fraudulent lawsuit, to get money to pay for her crime


of using a co-workers credit card.


Egad, some people shouldn't be allowed to leave their yard, they are


a danger to the public, they're so stupid.

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