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Kid Rex

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This is a quote from NFL.com concerning the PS firing


"First, he put added pressure on Cleveland's coaching staff by declaring the team's Week 2 matchup with the Steelers as "a critical game" and "the biggest in my time here."


I am glad to see PS gone. I just don't agree with this as being one of his mistakes.


We need a GM and HC who realizes the importance of domination over the Squeelers as being the key to the playoffs. As much as I hate Pittsburgh I have to give them credit for being a good team. Their domination over us is nothing less than a total embarrassment. Besides the fact that they are our most hated rivals (just ahead of the crows) they are also the key to our division.


When the Browns beat the Steelers twice in a season they will go to the playoffs. I am sick and tired of the attitude that we can make a wild card. That is unacceptable. We need to win the division outright and in order to do that we need to dominate the Steelers. It's all about respect.


Bring us a HC with a "Woody Hayes" attitude!...(just not as crazy)

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