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Drafting smart

why cant we win

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Idk if anyone already posted this but,





Thomas was one of four Browns receiving All-Pro votes. The others were fullback Lawrence Vickers (four), Mack (one) and rookie cornerback Joe Haden (one). Guard Eric Steinbach, a second alternate to the Pro Bowl, did not receive any All-Pro votes.





nice to see our draft picks panning out for once


Haden receiving a vote in his rookie year


Vickers is well deserving of it and is very underrated


and Mack getting some recognition in his 2nd year



we need to keep drafting like this and maybe something will start happening for us :)

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I will say this: the Browns are improving in their draft performance.


Let me make this statement and ask if you agree with it:


A solid NFL team should have the core of its roster consist of the players it has drafted in the first 3 rounds for the past 5-6 years.


A reasonable statement? yes or no.


Now lets look at who the Browns have drafted in the first 3 rounds in the last 6 drafts:


2005: 1st Braylon Edwards 2d Brodney Pool 3d Charlie Frye > Is it fair to say that this draft is helping some team, but it is not the Browns, but the Jets?

Bottom line: no help on current Browns roster


2006 1st Kameron Wimbley 2d D'Qwell Jackson 3rd Travis Wilson > Is it fair to say that 1 and 3 were busts, and is D'Qwell even a part of this team?

Bottom line: no help on current Browns roster unless DQ comes back strong from injury


2007: 1stA Joe Thomas 1stB Brady Quinn 2d Eric Wright (no 3rd round pick) > The best player on the Browns is All Pro JT. Wright, despite issues still contributes. The best thing that can be said about BQ is that he brought Peyton Hillis here in a trade.

Bottom line: counting Hillis, 2 strong contributors to Browns roster, and at least 1 capable backup player in Wright


2008: Browns had no picks in the first 3 rounds, having traded them for Quinn etc.

Bottom line: No help on current Browns roster per se (would have to delve into results of some of these trades)


2009: 1st Alex Mack 2dA Brian Robiskie 2dB Mohammed Massaquoi 2dC David Veikune (no 3rd round pick)> Mack is in the Pro Bowl, so obviously he is solid. Robo and MoMass are on the roster. I am not sure anything better can be said about them. Veikune is gone.

Bottom line: 1 solid contributor. Two big question marks at best who everyone probably agrees need to be replaced or demoted to at best 3rd WR.


2010 1st Joe Haden 2d TJ Ward 3rdA Montario Hardesty 3B Colt McCoy 3C Shaun Lauvao > Ward and Haden may be budding stars. McCoy will likely be the Browns QB of the future. Hardesty and Lauvao are up in the air because of injury and inexperience

Bottom line: 3 Solid starters, 2 question marks


Overall bottom line: Out of say 21 players that could have been taken in the first 3 rounds of the last 6 drafts the Browns have only hit on 6 decent contributors to them, or 7 if you include the Hillis acquisition. I personally think that is a poor track record. I think that out of those 21 there should be 12-15 decent contributors. But, there hasn't been, and that is one reason this team has suffered.

Note: As far as I can tell, other than those mentioned above, the only other draftees of the Browns from rounds 4-7 in all these that have contributed have been: Ryan Pontbriand 5th rounder in 2003; Lawrence Vickers 6th rounder in 2006 and Ahtyba Rubin 6th rounder in 2008. Even these lower rounds have been less fruitful than should be expected.



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It's true. But I'm tired of all the look at the past mistakes. The day the Browns traded with our divison rival baltiwhore, to let them


move up just ahead so they could get Ngata, the NT they DESPERATELY NEEDED,


...and took Wimpley (@@) who didn't really fit ... ah...


We need to move on, because we don't have to worry about any more numbnutz BROWNS FO anymore.


It's all fixed, we can just sit back and watch the Browns climb the ranks toward the playoffs and other great things.

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