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Obamao's lack of leadership encourages mideast turmoil


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Obamao has reached out to the Muslim countries so openly, and failed to hide his

apathy, if not hostility, toward Israel, that, now,as we were concerned before,

the Mideast is in turmoil. And, as Iran applauds the "revolutions", note that

Jordan, and Egypt, and Lebanon, which is also in danger...

border the state of Israel.


ObaMao is no friend of Israel's, and Iran and co. surely have figured,

that now, while this "president" is in office, they will act,

and Obamao will not stop them. They don't have to worry about the U.S.

coming to Israel's aid because of ... Obamao.

Muburak has made peace with Israel. And Iran is all too happy about the unrest

in those three countries.


War may break out, after the "revolutions" succeed, and the new regimes hostile to Israel take hold.

And the fault will lie on Obamao, and those who blindly support him.


Just a concern, but history tends to repeat itself.


Explosions, Gunfire Heard in Cairo as Protesters Defy Curfew...

ElBaradei under house arrest...

1,000+ arrested, many hurt...

Mubarak to address nation; ruling party HQ on fire...

Gov't Shows How Easily Internet Can Be Silenced...

BIDEN: Mubarek's no dictator, shouldn't step down...

PAPER: Events 'moving too fast for Obama administration'...

White House responds -- by TWITTER tweet...

Police members remove uniforms -- join protests!

Iranian Media Hail Egypt 'Revolution'...

Thousands protest in Jordan, demand PM step down...

Huge anti-government protest in Albania...


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Odd, Jimmy Carter reached out to the Arab countries in the Mideast.

And had the same hostility toward Israel.


And the revolution in Iran to depose the despised Shah?

Replaced with vicious Islamic extremists.


Now, Jimmy Carter II, Obamao, is president, and has been

trying ??? for two years, to get Mubarak to go in a democracy direction?


EPIC FAIL. Where the hell is the "magic", the "fluent, profoundly eloquent diplomacy and leadership" of Obamao?

In Heck and Shep's own minds, apparently. And in the minds of the blind liberal followers everywhere.


The wisdom of President Bush W.'s admin, in working to show the Arab world, that democracy

is the one system where the people of that country determine the direction.


It's time for leftist liberals everywhere who supported Obamao, and all the leftist liberal media outlets to admit

that Obamao is a profound disaster as a president.


Just recently, Obamao confused Iraq with Afghanistan. It's on youtube. If Bush had done that,

there would be 27 liberals on this board going berserk.


Sadly, Obamao has polarized not just our country, but his admin has polarized the Arab world,

and Europe, with his severe lack of wisdom about the real world. What a monumental disaster this "president" is.

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Obamao has to be worst than Jimmy Carter.


Where is the leadership? Meanwhile the cost of oil is going sky high!


Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obamao watched a girls basketball game while Egypt...... Does everyone get the picture?



Muslim Brotherhood: Arabs will topple leaders allied with the United States...


Iran Sees Rise of Islamic Hard-Liners in Arab Lands...


Thousands protest in Jordan, demand PM step down...


New protests erupt in Yemen...


These headlines, posted on the Drudge Report, are a warning to Americans that the Obama administration has neglected its constitutional duty. While Obama concentrates his efforts on weakening the U.S. economy by hamstringing business with oppressive regulation, national health care, and throwing huge sums of money at needless green technology programs, the Middle East is spiraling into irreversible chaos.


According to a recent article by Dick Morris, “The Iranian government is waiting for Egypt to fall into its lap. The Muslim Brotherhood, dominated by Iranian Islamic fundamentalism, will doubtless emerge as the winner should the government of Egypt fall. The Obama Administration, in failing to throw its weight against an Islamic takeover, is guilty of the same mistake that led President Carter to fail to support the Shah, opening the door for the Ayatollah Khomeini to take over Iran.”


Instead of tinkering with the free enterprise system, which isn’t broken, Obama’s primary constitutional directive is in the arena of foreign affairs.


The United States provides Egypt with upwards of $2 billion a year in foreign aid with $1.3 billion of this money going to the Egyptian military that needs to keep Egypt out of the hands of the Islamic fundamentalists.


Let’s not forget that Egypt has the largest population in the Middle East. If Iran gets nukes they will want to follow suit. Also, with the Egyptian government nearing the brink of collapse, other American allies like Jordan and Yemen are poised to follow suit. If that should happen, other dominoes like Saudi Arabia, will likely fall into radical Islamic hands. After that, Israel, with a tenuous hold on security at best, will be in even greater jeopardy.


It appears that our Commander in Chief is too inexperienced or too inept in foreign affairs to deal with this disaster in the making. Morris’s solution is for the Obama administration to throw the weight of the United States government behind Mubarak’s government lest he go the way of the Shah of Iran.


Instead Obama seems to be supporting the Muslim Brotherhood that “forms the largest and best organized opposition to the Mubarak regime and is the progenitor of Hamas and al Qaida. It seeks Egypt's transformation into an Islamic regime that will stand at the forefront of the global jihad."


In other words, Obama fiddles while Egypt burns.


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Oddly, T -


Carter was a gigantically unintentional complete leftist fool.

And supported the PLO, and dissed Israel, liked Arab countries.


Clinton was a gigantically unintentional complete leftist fool.

And supported the PLO, and dissed Israel, liked Arab countries.

Her husband was too busy fooling around to stop her.


Obamao is a gigantically unintentional complete leftist fool.

And supports the PLO, and dissed Israel, liked Arab countries.


It's all about dreaming of getting permanent serious power,

like leaders of Iran, and Syria, Venzuela, Cuba, etc etc.

It's their own kind of revolution. And they have all sorts of followers

who are disgruntled with reality.


We are in big, big trouble.

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The world does not revolve around the POTUS. Some of these countries actually have internal and regional problems all by themselves.......


I am by no means belittling our middle east influence, but Egypt has problems regardless of who our president is.


Not everything is credited or discredited to our politicians...... Its odd that some of you somehow believes the entire earth revolves around U.S. leadership and policies.

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