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NFL Championship factoids

The Gipper

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Here are some NFL Championship factoid covering the entire history of the NFL:


1. The Green Bay Packers franchise has won the most NFL titles with 12. The Chicago Bears are second with 9.


2. The First NFL Champions were the Akron Pros. Instead of the "Lombardi Trophy" they won the "Brunswick-Balke Collender Cup". Could you see that name having carried through through history?


3. The First technical NFL Championship Game occurred in 1932 in an indoor field in Chicago that was only 80 yards long.


4. The 1965 NFL Championship game was held on January 2, 1966. This was the first game in NFL history played on or after New Year's Day. It was also the last game played by Jim Brown. The Game was played in Green Bay between the Packers and Browns and was won by the Packers 23-12.


5. The Cleveland Browns are the only franchise to have appeared in 6 consecutive NFL championship game (pre or post 1966). (this doesn't include the AAFC title years) The next most consecutive appearances are 4 by the Chicago Bears (40s) and the Buffalo Bills(90s).


6. No team since the 1966 merger has played a title game on their home field. The Home stadium that has hosted the most NFL title games was Cleveland Municipal Stadium with 8. Next are The Polo Grounds and Wrigley Field with 5 each and Yankee Stadium with 4.


7. The Bears in 1934 and 1942 and the Patriots in 2007 lost "perfect seasons" with defeats in the NFL title game. Only the 1972 Dolphins and the 1948 Cleveland Browns in the AAFC have had Perfect seasons. Prior to 1932 some NFL champions went undefeated but had ties on their records.


8. Here is the list of coaches that have won more than 2 titles in either the NFL/AFL/AAFC: Paul Brown 7, George Halas 6, Curly Lambeau 6, Vince Lombardi 5, Guy Chamberlain 4, Chuck Noll 4, Bill Walsh 3, Bill Belichick 3, Weeb Ewbank 3, Joe Gibbs 3.


9. The "Quarterback" of the very first NFL Champions, the Akron Pros, was Fritz Pollard, an African-American (though the team didn't technically have a QB named as such on its roster, Pollard played what we would consider the position today).


10. The 1925 NFL Championship is STILL under dispute. The Pottsville Maroons ended the season with the best record, but because they played a postseason exhibition game against a college all star team they were stripped of their title and it was awarded to the Chicago (now Arizona) Cardinals.


11. The first official NFL Championship game in 1933 was played at Wrigley Field. The Bears won 23-21 and were led by RBs Red Grange and Bronko Nagurski.


12. The Cleveland Rams victory in the 1945 NFL Championship game was by the score of 15-14. The difference in the game was a safety that Cleveland scored as a result of Redskins QB Sammy Baugh throwing a pass in his end zone that hit the goal posts that at the time were located on the goal line instead of the end line. Under the rules then, such an incomplete pass counted as a safety.


13. Here is the list of Quarterbacks who played for 3 or more NFL/AFL/AAFC championship teams (since 1933 only): Otto Graham 7 (3 NFL, 4 AAFC), Bart Starr 5, Sid Luckman 4, Terry Bradshaw 4, Joe Montana 4, Arnie Herber 3, Tom Brady 3, Troy Aikman 3, John Unitas 3.


14. Here is the list of other NFL/AFL/AAFC championship QBs who have won 2: Ed Danowski, Bob Waterfield, Tommy Thompson, Norm Van Brocklin, Bobby Layne, Jack Kemp, Len Dawson, George Blanda, John Elway, Roger Staubach, Ben Roethlisberger, Bob Griese, Jim Plunkett. Note that only Danowski, Thompson, Plunkett, and of course Brady are not in the HOF. BR could move up a notch with a win on Sunday.


15. The Cardinals have gone the longest without winning an NFL Championship, since 1947.


16. The lowest scoring NFL title game (including SBs) was the 1948 game that ended 7-0 Eagles over Cardinals. It was played in a massive snowstorm.


17. Otto Graham was truly the workhorse of the 1950 NFL title game. He passed for 298 yards and ran for 99 yards.


18. Hall of Fame QB Norm Van Brocklin threw 6 interceptions inthe 1955 NFL title game.


19. The 1958 NFL title game is still the only ever NFL title game (or SB) to go into overtime. Called the "Greatest Game Ever Played".


20. The Detroit Lions have gone longer than any other team without an appearance in the NFL Championship Game. Since 1957.


21. Only one time in that period did the Lions come "one game short" of appearing in the Title game. That was when they lost the 1991 NFC Conference Championship game.


22. The Cleveland Browns, meanwhile, came "one game short" of appearing in the Super Bowl Five times: 1968, 1969, 1986, 1987, 1989. The most of any team by far without making a Super Bowl appearance.


23. Tony Banks actually threw more passes for them during the Ravens 2000 Super Bowl season, but Trent Dilfer was the Ravens QB during the postseason and Super Bowl.


24. Per Wikipedia, they recognize 10 NFL "Dynasties" i.e teams that have won at least 3 titles in a 10 or so year period. I add 1 more:

A.The one I add is the first one, the 22/23/24 Bulldogs. The NFL doesn't recognize the 1925 Bulldogs as the same franchise as the 22/23 Bulldogs, but they had the same coach and many of the same players.

B. the 1929-1931 Green Bay Packers

C. The 1940-1946 Bears

D. The 1946-1957 Browns

E. The 1952-1957 Lions

F. The 1961-1967 Packers

G. The 1974-1979 Steelers

H. The 1976-1983 Raiders

I. The 1981-1994 49ers

J. The 1991-1994 Cowboys

K. The 2001-2007 Patriots


25. If the Steelers win Sunday, they would obviously join that list.




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