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Most Frustrated Franchises

The Gipper

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The Packers were by no means what I would call a "frustrated" NFL franchise. Here are the most frustrated of the current NFL franchises in terms of how long it has been since they won a title. Following is the year in which each team last won a title before this year's Packer victory (including year of origin "YO" of those that have not won one):


1947 Arizona Cardinals (won while in Chicago) NFL

1957 Detroit Lions NFL

1960 Philadelphia Eagles NFL

1961 Minnesota Vikings YO

1961 Tennessee Titans as Houston Oilers AFL

1963 San Diego Chargers AFL

1964 Cleveland Browns NFL

1965 Buffalo Bills AFL

1966 Atlanta Falcons YO

hereafter every title is NFL excep YO)

1968 New York Jets

1968 Cincinnati Bengals YO

1969 Kansas City Chiefs

1973 Miami Dolphins

1976 Seattle Seahawks YO

1983 Oakland Raiders (won in LA)

1985 Chicago Bears

1992 Washington Redskins

1994 San Francisco 49ers

1995 Carolina Panthers YO

1995 Jacksonville Jaguars YO

1995 Dallas Cowboys

1996 Green Bay Packers #### last title before yesterday's win

1998 Denver Broncos

1999 St. Louis Rams

2000 Baltimore Ravens

2002 Houston Texans YO

2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2004 New England Patriots

2006 Indianapolis Colts

2007 New York Giants

2008 Pittsburgh Steelers

2009 New Orleans Saints

2010 Green Bay Packers

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I don't know what the average age is of the participants on this board, but let me venture to say that it is about 40? Note that if you are 40 years old, only one half of the teams currently in the NFL have won a title in your lifetime....including the teams formed after 1970 that have not won a title. If you are 40 here is a list of the other teams in the other 3 major sports aside from the NFL/AFL that have not won a title in your lifetime. This list includes only those that came into existance prior to or in 1970:


1908 Chicago Cubs MLB

1948 Cleveland Indians MLB

1951 Sacramento Kings (fka Kansas City Kings/Cincinnati Royals/Rochester Royals) NBA

1958 Atlanta/St. Louis Hawks NBA

1961 Texas Rangers fka Washington Senators YO

1962 Houston Astros fka Colt 45s YO

1967 Los Angeles Kings YO

1967 St. Louis Blues YO

1967 Denver Nuggets YO

1967 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL

1968 Phoenix Suns YO

1969 Washington Nationals fka Montreal Expos YO

1969 San Diego Padres YO

1969 Milwaukee Brewers fka Seattle Pilots YO

1970 Buffalo Sabres YO

1970 Vancouver Canucks YO

1970 LA Clippers fka Buffalo Braves

1970 Cleveland Cavaliers YO


Since 1970 there are also 25 other major league teams who have come into existance and who have not won a title in their sport (including NFL)




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I guess I'm average, because I am 40 years old.



Yesterdays suprebowl was the best game since the last time the stoolers lost

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