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Patriots fans don't want Pioli to go


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Cleveland Browns show interest in Scott Pioli, Josh McDaniels


FOXBORO - The Patriots could be in danger of losing two vital members of the organization.


The Cleveland Browns received permission from the Patriots to speak with vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli about replacing Phil Savage as general manager. The Browns also have offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on their radar as a candidate for their head coaching position, an opening created by yesterday’s firing of former Pats defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.


According to a source, the Lions also have asked for permission to speak to McDaniels about their head coaching job after firing Rod Marinelli yesterday.


In the past, Pioli, 44, has been allowed by the Patriots to speak with clubs but has declined to interview, most recently with the New York Giants following the 2006 season. The Giants GM position appeared to be his dream job, but he turned away from it.


Pioli is believed to be very interested in the Browns GM job and is expected to interview for the position as soon as today, according to a report in The Plain Dealer in Cleveland.


There has been speculation Pioli, who signed a contract extension in 2005, is more willing to jump ship now, or at the very least, is up to listening to offers. Beyond Cleveland, he’s likely to also hear from the Kansas City Chiefs and perhaps the Detroit Lions.


As for McDaniels, Cleveland would seem like a natural fit, both if Pioli is running the operation and for the fact he was born in Barberton, Ohio, and attended Canton (Ohio) McKinley High School.


Last season, when McDaniels’ name came up for coaching vacancies and teams sought permission to interview him, he turned down the requests. At the time he said he wasn’t ready to be a head coach.


Having completed his eighth season of coaching in the NFL, his third as an offensive coordinator, McDaniels might very well be ready this time around.


Another ex-Pats defensive coordinator, Eric Mangini, who was fired as coach of the New York Jets [team stats] yesterday, has also been listed as a possible replacement for Crennel.






I think so Pats Gm/vp Scott Pioli and Offensive coach Josh McDaniels will not happen to jopin Cleveland Brown or detroits Lions team, I feel that both of them would prefer to stay Patroits. I think It's good oppounity for them to getting an interview with Cleveland Brown or Detroit but it will not happening. Believe me that Scott and Josh will stay with Patroits. Let Pats go!!!


#480311 - Dec 30, 2008 12:24 AM EST Report Abuse


Josh says he's not ready to be NFL Coach. That was last year. I think at his very young age and seeing what happened to Manginni he'll think twice about jumping a sure thing for the ahhhhh Lions wow. Thats the bottom-less pit if there ever is one. Some day yes but not now. Pioli could go but Why? Why go there. Wait for a better opertunity. Browns 3-4 years away and thats with good coaching and good personal. ESPN says they are 5 years out and Lions need NFL help. They need a special draft from other teams making 3 to 4 players available from their 45 man roster. A Supplementry draft like baseball to help that organization. But there's no help for the Lions. It's their owner, and until they get an owner who wants to win instead of just making a profit ( and very little profit as of now ) they'll always be 0 for the universe.......


#480322 - Dec 30, 2008 12:43 AM EST Report Abuse


I don't know if Pioli is really thinking about leaving but I'm sure if the money is better and the position is an upward move with complete autonomy then maybe he takes the job in which case were I Bob Kraft I'd seek compensation.As for Mcdaniels he's not ready but good luck to him anyways,he's under contract so if he wants to leave I'd ask for compensation from the team that signs him.


#480324 - Dec 30, 2008 12:57 AM EST Report Abuse


belichick runs the show and if he wants to give pioli a raise i dont think kraft would complain...pioli is from conn and he seems to love patriots, i think it would take a lot to make him leave...him and BB are pretty tight..i like mcdaniels too a lot and i hope he stays but just as long as we have belichick things will be good...i thought pioli would leave for giants in 2006 and he didnt and he was a jints fan as kid


#480334 - Dec 30, 2008 1:19 AM EST Report Abuse


Pioli passed up Seahawks and Giants jobs in the past but that was when things were looking up. It's not the same situation right now with the Patriots as they are looking at a pretty big rebuilding stage on defense with very high team expectations.


#480367 - Dec 30, 2008 3:15 AM EST Report Abuse


There is an interesting connection in Cleveland that Karen doesn't mention. The GM and VP of the Cleveland Indians is Mark Shapiro. Shapiro is the brother-in-law of Eric Mangini and also happens to be good friends with Scott Pioli.


#480368 - Dec 30, 2008 3:22 AM EST Report Abuse


Cleveland should just get it over-with and take all the Patirot Players and Cheerleaders and owners. maybe we should move Patriot Place to Cleveland too while we're at it. The Cleveland Patriots"????? That doesn't sound right....


#480432 - Dec 30, 2008 7:07 AM EST Report Abuse


Let them go. Look at all the players and coaches who have left over the years, and each time we were told what a devastating loss they were. The Patriots have been contenders nearly every season since Belichick arrived regardless of losing Romeo, Charlie, Mangini, and players such as Branch, Patton, and Glenn. Someone will step up to fill the void, and Belichick will be there to show them the way. Until Belichik leaves, I'm not going to worry.

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