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Does Penn St. Have a Shot?


Penn St. v. USC  

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  1. 1. Will Penn St. pull off the upset? (You may vote for two answers)

    • This is not your week, Zombo, they will get crushed
    • I agree, Zombo, Penn St. will pull off the upset
    • Big Ben is a Drama Queen

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I don't get all the resentment by fans of Big Ten teams who won't admit that other conferences have been better recently. As a life long Ohio State fan, I still basically root for all the Big Ten teams other than Ohio State to lose just because I'm sick of my fellow Ohio State fans being Retarded and pretending there is a media bias. There is not a media bias, other conferences are just better right now. Southern conferences do have better overall team speed, and it does help them beat Big Ten teams. No reason to deny it.

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I am obviously the resident PSU homer, so I will say this:


Penn State WILL fare better in their bowl game than OSU will against Texas.


USC 23 PSU 17


I don't really agree with this, but I do think Penn State has a shot. I think it will be close, but USC might be a little too much for them in the end. I hope Penn State pulls it out though.


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I voted for "Big Ben has more playoff wins than the entire Cleveland Browns franchise during the SB era" Where is that option? :lol:



that is the problem you never learned to read!

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I will come out of gambling retirement to take that bet...


I would have to agree; USC is going to kick PSU ass!


Didn't Jo Pa die ten or fifteen years ago? it is like that 80(s) movie Weekend at Bernie's just prop him up with really thick sun glasses

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