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This Week In The Afc North


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The Great Zomboni has been traveling this week, so he doesn't have a lot of time, but his crystal ball is clear as a bell:


Buffalo at Cincinnati 1:00PM

I don't know if Patrick fits Ryan but Ryan Fitzpatrick. And he has been fitting the ball right between the hands of his exciting receiving staff. The Bungles will have no answer for him. And little answers for themselves, as usual. BILLS 31 BUNGLES 20


Tennesse at Cleveland 1:00PM

Peyton Hillis missed a week because of strep throat, and I almost feel sorry for the Titans he is going to take his rath out on with his fresh legs this afternoon. OK, I don't feel sorry for them at all, but I'm just going to enjoy Hillis trucking them behind our rapidly improving offensive line. McCoy has a very soliod day and the defense runs down old Hasslebeck and makes him want to retire. BROWNS 27 TITANS 10


Pittsburgh at Houston 1:00 PM

The Texans have had this week marked with a Red "X" for some time. For ten years they have been hoping to become part of the "AFC elite" and if they can pound the Steelers at home they will finally achieve that status. They won't drop this ball. But Ben will, several more times. TEXANS 30 STEELERS 17


NY Jets at Baltimore 8:20 PM Sunday Night Football

No way is this Jets team going 1-3. They will pull Baltimore down to their level and have a punishing, bruising, ugly game ... the kind where the team coached by a "Ryan" pulls it out. JETS 16 RAVENS 13



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