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Some "high"lights


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Some highlights (for the fun of it..)


The Browns offense didn't get a touchdown in the last 6 games.

Ken Dorsey didn't throw a touchdown.

The only touchdown they did get in those 6 games was a defensive touchdown.

Half of those games they were within 14 points- 1 touchdown would've beat the colts.

The team didn't score in the last 8 quarters of the season.

Jamal Lewis didn't get a single 100 yard game this year, yet he still rushed for 1000 yards (even though it seemed like most of the time when he got the ball handed to him there were 3 defenders standing directly in front of him.)

They managed to have 2 pro bowlers.


There are way too many injuries to list, but yet the only guys that didn't have any injuries was the offensive line.. which played poorly.

They did round up enough healthy players for a nice stretch winning 4 of 5.


The expansion Browns could've easily beaten the team fielded in the last 6 games.

The 1999 team scored EIGHT more touchdowns than this years team. Only the 2000 team has been worse since their rebirth (18)

Braylon Edwards dropped more passes than anybody all year, including T.O. :blink:. Most of the year he had twice as many drops as the NFC's leader did.

Phil Dawson is the 9th most accurate kicker of all time... yet he's never made a pro bowl.



The worst part of the season was losing to the bengals, easily.

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