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Mangini Might Get Us a Schottenheimer Afterall


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I think it would be pretty cool to bring in Brian Schottenheimer as our OC. Here's an ABC why:

A) He's used to working with Mangini, B) His dad is will be a built-in consultant for RUNNING GAME improvement. I liked the way the Jets blended Leon Washington with Thomas Jones, C) I didn't think our offense looked organized at all when DA was healthy like the time management issues vrs Pitt I near the end of half 1 (and that's all on the OC). Chud didn't knock my socks off as they say.


Brian was once a backup QB for the Florida Gators before becoming a Grad Assistant there under Spurrier. Between watching his dad's offenses with Lindy Infante and working under Spurrier - the kid HAS seen innovative offenses up close. I liked some of the wrinkles I saw the Jets using when they had a healthy arm at QB. The Tennessee Titans did NOT however.

- Tom F.

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I think that Schottenheimer The Younger is someone I'd rather not see but I would point out a few issues.


1. I do see some innovation in his play design

2. He can get very hot with the playcalling and then inexplicably...go cold.

3. The Jets offense this year was successful until Favre chucked up 9 picks in five games. That said, they had to remove a lot of elements from it because of his late arrival. For instance, Schottenheimer likes a lot of pre-snap shifting into formation to get the defense guessing and also to aid in recognition. They removed most of it because iof Brett.


4. The options for the TE seem huge in this offense.

5. I think that this offense was hurt this year by not having a deep threat at WR. Just my opinion.


Not sure I want Schottenheimer but that could just be the fact that he's routintely crucified by NY media and fans.


As an aside, I heard Marty on NFL radio say that he rarely talks shop with Brian. They talk about philosophies but they don't really get into dissecting the nuts and bolts. He said he does not give advice.

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