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TK's Tirade Retuns Tonight *Browns 2008 Roundtable*

TK'S Tirade

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Hey all!


TK's Tirade returns tonight with a complete breakdown of the disappointment that was the Cleveland Browns in 2008. We'll look back at what could have been and what painfully was.

Plus we'll discuss where the Browns and Randy Learner go from here, if he messes up this process again could he lose the most loyal fan base in all of professional sports.


Also we'll breakdown the Fiesta Bowl where the Bucks let one slip away, I'll tell you why I thought they lost the game before the last drive and a look at next season.


The Cleveland Indians have made some off season splashes...is it enough to contend in 2009


Did the Cavs peak to early? or is this just that small bump each team hits a few times each season.


All that plus a complete Jackass Club Update....may Sir Charles Barkley move up on that sacred list?


Join TK at 8 pm only on www.wildtalkradio.com

and click that chat tab and join in on the interactive chat



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also as an added twist to the Browns Fans....I have a number you can all call into tonight and give us your thoughts and questions....this is your show Browns Fans....


Call 267-207-2491


Let me get the show opened and we;ll take calls starting around 8:20 through th end of the show!


Check out all the action starting at 8 pm only on www.wildtalkradio.com



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